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Our Safety Standards

We want every guest — and team member — who chooses Culver’s to leave happy and safe. Your well-being has always been a priority for us, but in light of COVID-19 we’ve increased the precautions we’re taking. As we reopen our lobbies and dining rooms, we will continue to expand these precautions further.

That’s why we’ve enacted the following safety standards in our restaurants. We’re doing everything we can to ensure that you and your family can sit back and enjoy a delicious meal prepared in a safe environment — it’s our way of thanking you for your support in recent times and since 1984.

What we're doing to keep guests safe

  • Regular Wellness Checks
    All team members take part in wellness checks before beginning their shifts

  • Face Coverings and Gloves
    All team members wear face coverings and gloves

  • Sanitizing Between Transactions
    Cashiers sanitize their stations between each transaction

  • Social Distance Markers
    Markings inside restaurants and on the patio help guests and team members practice safe social distancing, along with limiting capacity

  • Hand Sanitizer
    Hand sanitizer is available to all guests and team members

  • Frequent Cleaning
    High traffic areas are cleaned frequently and booths, tables and chairs are disinfected after each use

  • Fewer Guests in Restrooms
    Restrooms are cleaned at least once an hour, and only one party is allowed to use the restroom at a time

Thank you for your support

Visit our COVID-19 updates page to learn more about our response, or find your nearest Culver’s restaurant at our locator page.