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The first step to fresh flavor is a healthy environment

If our hospitality experience has taught us anything, it’s that the little things you do can add up to a world of difference. That's why we’re always in search of ways to minimize our impact on the environment while overdelivering on the quality, freshness and flavor of our food.


A Crinkle Cut Above the Rest

Crinkle Cut Fries are a ButterBurger’s best friend. And though you can get fries at plenty of places, it’s where they come from that makes them special.

As Craig Culver says, “french fry perfection starts with perfectly grown potatoes. And that’s why we rely on our friends at Lamb Weston.”

Most of our potatoes from Lamb Weston come from the southeast corner of the state of Washington, in the Columbia River Basin. Hot, sunny days, cool nights and a steady stream of water from the Columbia River make this region ideal for growing the potatoes we proudly use.

To keep the environment beautiful and give future generations the chance to enjoy honest food, Lamb Weston is dedicated to making a positive impact. From reducing water use and cutting down on waste to leading the way in energy efficiency and partnering with farmers who practice sustainable agriculture, Lamb Weston continues to find ways to make the world a better place.

While you enjoy a side of Culver’s Crinkle Cut Fries, you can also feel good knowing you’re supporting mindful farming.

Sustainably Caught, Deliciously Prepared

From our North Atlantic Cod to our seasonal Northwoods Walleye, all our fish comes from certified-sustainable fisheries.

The North Atlantic Cod we serve at Culver’s is caught north of the Arctic Circle in the pristine waters of the Barents Sea, where the majority of fisheries are Marine Stewardship Council certified sustainable. In this icy cold environment fish grow slowly, developing a wonderfully light and flaky texture, making them highly sought after in all markets where cod is sold.

“In Norway, where I’m from, fishing is a way of life,” says Terje Korsnes, longtime supplier of Culver’s North Atlantic Cod. “To ensure it remains so for generations to come, our fishery resources along the coast and in the Barents Sea are monitored and protected from overfishing and managed for long-term sustainability.”

Furthermore, our Northwoods Walleye is sustainably caught in the cold, clean Canadian waters of Lake Winnipeg. This carefully managed and long-established artisanal fishery is currently in the process of being evaluated and rated by the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise™ conservation program.

One taste of Culver’s North Atlantic Cod or Northwoods Walleye in a dinner or sandwich and you’ll agree that something so delicious is too important not to protect.

Raised Right Tastes Right

Anyone who's tasted Culver's chicken knows every piece is perfectly plump and juicy, but that's not all, it's American Humane Certified®, raised without antibiotics and growth stimulants and fed a high-quality all vegetable diet.

“Northeast Georgia is chicken country,” boasts longtime supplier partner, Sammy Franklin, a 25-year veteran poultry producer with Springer Mountain Farms®. “We work exclusively with more than 350 family farms to produce the most healthful, tasty chicken anywhere.”

USDA inspected and loved by guests, Culver's chicken is like no other. Our crispy golden Chicken Tenders come from the most tender part of the breast, called the tenderloin, which is hand-trimmed especially for Culver's. Our Chicken Filets are cooked to order and served crispy or grilled as a sandwich or atop one of our freshly prepared salads.

For the highest quality, best-tasting chicken, head to Culver's. 

Recyclable, Compostable and Blue

Culver’s packaging is vibrant, distinctive and getting “greener” all the time. Bags, napkins, spoons, wrappers, cups, you name it. We’re committed to lessening our packaging's lasting effects on the environment.

That means we give careful consideration to the materials that make up our packaging, from sourcing paper that’s either postconsumer recycled or Forest Stewardship Council—certified to ensuring the plastics we use are recyclable. We even print our packaging using  water and corn starch-based ink whenever possible.  

“Ultimately, it comes down to individuals, communities and organizations like Culver’s making the environment a priority,” says Morris Paine, Culver’s partner in packaging. “By simply caring enough to recycle, or at the very least discard unwanted items appropriately, we can all help preserve the world’s beauty.”


When Craig Culver asked what it would take to build a LEED-certified Culver’s in Baraboo, Wisconsin, we didn’t realize it would fundamentally change the way we design our restaurants. 

Working closely with the U.S. Green Building Council, we set out to evaluate operational efficiencies alongside sustainable strategies, such as supplementing electrical supply with solar panels that double as patio awnings and recycling fryer oil as fuel for a hot water heater. 

The restaurant uses high-efficiency mechanical systems and conserves more than 123,000 gallons of water per year through low-flow plumbing fixtures.

“This restaurant is like a classroom to us,” says Culver’s project architect and LEED project administrator. “We’re evaluating the return on investment for each of the design elements, and from that, determining which efficiency measures to roll out systemwide.”

Brimming with Goodness

The elegant, complex flavors of Culver’s 100% select Arabica blend coffee come from the beans we’ve diligently selected. Culver’s Blue Spoon was created through various rounds of blending by Torke Coffee Roasting Company, in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Our blend balances beans from a Pacific island mountain region, which lends notes of smoke and cocoa, with Latin America’s famous hints of berry and fruit.

Torke Coffee, family owned since 1941, sources all-natural Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees and works with local farms and co-ops to develop sustainable farming practices. “People know great coffee when they taste it,” says local coffee roaster Jay Torke. “But what they might not realize is every time they order Culver’s coffee, they’re helping preserve important cultures and fragile ecosystems.” 

Take a moment to smell, savor and sip.

Rainforest Alliance Certified

Great Pumpkin!

Pumpkin Fresh Frozen Custard Concrete Mixers®, Shakes, Malts and Flavor of the Day are a limited time only fall tradition. Our pumpkins are sustainably grown in the American Midwest heartland by our friends at Seneca Foods. Many of their 60 local farms are owned and operated by third and fourth generation family farmers.

The Pumpkins are produced using Food Alliance-certified farm practices that protect soil, water resources and biodiversity.

They’re also fully vine-ripened and picked at the peak of freshness for the best flavor. In fact, the average time from harvest to finished product is only 4.5 hours!

Mixed with real cane sugar, cinnamon, cloves and ginger, no part of the pumpkin ever goes to waste. Instead, the rest is turned into renewable energy that helps power the farm, ensuring an everlasting supply of these big orange beauties.

If you ask us, fall can’t come soon enough.