Ashley M.

I attend Florida Gulf Coast University in Ft. Myers, FL, which is pretty far away from my home. My favorite visit was just after I got done with my rugby game and wanted to cool off with some amazing custard. My mother, brother and best friend from home were all there at Culver's waiting for me as a surprise. I ordered not one, but two peanutbutter cup concrete mixers and I will never forget that time.

Brenda P.

We just finished watching the high school girls' volleyball playoffs winning game and stopped at Culver's to celebrate with custard. My favorite flavor of the day—cookie dough—was being served. That topped the day for me!

Bethann W.

Culver's is always an experience! It's our go-to place when we're looking for a meal out. And it's the place we look for in our many trips to follow the kids' sports activities. It's our familiar friend when we're away from home. And the Culver's closest to home is the background for pictures with Santa, the Easter Bunny and other fun events. It's the bonus on top of the trophy when we stop in for concrete mixers after taking 3rd or better in a tournament. So I can't pick just one visit to say was the best experience—that would be like picking one of my children as my favorite! :-)

Abby C.

My family loves Culver's, but my folks, as well as my sister and nephew, don't live in towns that have a Culver's. Our very favorite Flavor of the Day is Bonfire S'mores. So when everyone was coming to Colorado for my wedding, I asked my Culver's if they could have Bonfire S'mores as the Flavor of the Day on the Friday before my wedding. They agreed, and we brought everyone who was in town for dinner that night and had such a lovely time. It is one of the most memorable parts of my wedding weekend.

Bill S.

My favorite visit to Culver's was in 2004 when my son, Andy, won and was presented with a new bicycle in a contest that included a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Andy didn't win the first-prize Harley but it was still a thrill to witness the drama as Craig Culver selected the winning contest entries. Andy still enjoys riding the bike, and we both enjoyed our delicious meal at the Layton Avenue Culver's restaurant.

Carrie S.

My favorite visit was after winning an intense volleyball game in grade school. Our whole team went to Culver's to celebrate. Now I am coaching volleyball, and no matter if it's a win and or a loss, we seem to still come together as a team. It's a comforting feeling to know that for 30 years, Culver's has brought so many teams together off the court. It's bonding at it's finest!

Brooke P.

We eat at Culver's at least weekly, but usually a couple of times a week. Our favorite visit was when we celebrated my dad's 60th birthday. He had his wife, son-in-law, both daughters and his only grandbaby there. My dad loves it when he can get all of his family together. We have had many fun memories at Culver's, but so far, this is our favorite one!

Andraya R.

I was asked by my boss at work where I would like her to take me for lunch. I told her Culver's, of course! It turned out that she was asking me to lunch to promote me to office manager. I'll always remember that lunch!

Deborah R.

We have 6 children in our family so special "mommy time" is sometimes hard to find. However, when it is made a priority, "stuff happens." One day I and my youngest daughter Joy at the age of 9 decided to go to Culver's for our special time. We shared memories and fun together as we ate our sundae. Thanks, Culver's, for being a mutual "special place" for mommy and me time!

Danielle F.

The night before our wedding we were all hungry so we took our out-of-state wedding party to Culver's. 10 years later, whenever they visit, that is where we have to go. They finally have a Culver's about an hour from them, but they will always have a place for the one in Lake Delton, WI in their hearts!

Emily S.

My favorite visit to Culver's (and trust me, I've made a LOT of visits to Culver's) was our daughter's first official outing. She was just days old and slept the whole time, but it made sense to go there because we ate there almost weekly the whole 9 months before. Now, a year later, she can't get enough Culver's custard.

Brandy M.

Went there with my husband for our last anniversary! We usually go someplace fancy and expensive but I wanted something simple and delicious. We don't get out often so we always try and make it special. He excused himself to go to the "restroom" and came back with a dozen roses and a diamond tennis bracelet he had in the car! It was a perfect anniversary dinner.

Gary N.

A few years back, I had lunch at Culver's in Aurora. Upon leaving, I noticed a sign that mentioned the Easter bunny would be present the following week at the store. I got real excited and couldn't wait to come back with my son. Bradyn had never seen the Easter Bunny and never been to Culver's. Sure enough, I returned and at first he was terrified of the bunny. It took a while, but he slowly came around. What began as a bad experience, ended up being one of his best. By the time we left, he had an animal-shaped balloon, a new favorite dessert of frozen custard and a new friend in the Easter Bunny. Thanks for the memories, Culver's.

Gloria B.

Rain, rain, go away! We were celebrating a family reunion in Galena, IL. Our family loves to camp, but unfortunately the rain wouldn't stop. However, right up the hill from our water-soaked campsites was a Culver's. It became our extended campground. We ate there. Played cards and ate cheese curds. And stayed a bit drier, thanks to Culver's. Even today, 10 years later, whenever we eat at Culver's on a family reunion, we reminisce about our favorite location in Galena.

Gayle W.

Every visit to Culver's in Liberty is my favorite visit. Nathan, Michelle, Daniel, David, Desiree, Donna, Jennifer and Matthew always make us feel special. A very close family friend was deployed to Kuwait for over a year. When he returned home, we picked him up at the airport. He had been traveling for nearly 24 hours, but when we asked him what he wanted to do first, he said, "Let's go to Culver's!" So we did.

Carly K.

My favorite visits to Culver's are always with my little sister. Whenever she and I go for custard and cheese curds, we are able to finally sit down and talk about everything that is going on in our lives. With our busy college and work schedules, it is nice to be able to get good food quickly and still be able to have a sit-down meal.

Gwen S.

I have two daughters, and both have worked at the Culver's in Hales Corners, WI. Picking a favorite visit would seem hard when you have been there so many times, but this one was easy. After working there through high school and college, my oldest daughter, Michelle, got a full-time job working at a publications company. On her last day at Culver's we made a trip over to have her serve us one more time. Her boyfriend also joined us, but did it in costume to tease Michelle. He succeeded. Everyone in the restaurant will also remember the day a polar bear walked into Culver's for a burger.

Janae J.

My favorite visit was when we went to Culver's for a party after my Christmas concert. We all got shakes, malts or concrete mixers. We would sit there for, like, 2 hours just talking and having fun.

Hannah M.

One day I was driving home from college in New Ulm, MN with my boyfriend. We were headed through a blizzard and decided to stop at Culver's for a couple of hours until the storm cleared up. We bought food continuously and just had a great time! :)

Cindy W.

We have been coming to our local Culver's for years. A few years back, after bringing my 80+-year-old mother up from Florida, watching her enjoyment at her first visit to a Culver's was precious.

Hannah S.

We frequent our local Culver's often. Our children are familiar with the ice cream mascot. We LOVE your custard and burgers. And the service is always above and beyond. Our most recent trip followed my son's baseball game. He felt excited to wear a plastic baby bib just for fun. Thank you for being so family friendly and facilitating an enjoyable evening together as a family.

Jane G.

My friend and I were on our way back from an event when it started raining. We decided Culver's cheese curds were necessary to hit the spot! We grabbed some and headed back on the road, only to hit worse weather. We had to pull off to the side and wait out the storm, but it wasn't too terrible, because we spent some time reminiscing and we had our cheese curds to enjoy! Culver's made a happy experience out of one that could have been very scary.

Heather D.

Recently my son's Cub Scout troop got to work at our local Culver's to help raise money to go to summer camp. The boys received aprons and got to open doors and deliver food to tables and the drive-thru lane. They had a wonderful time and it was such a positive experience. Plus, we got to eat dinner at our favorite place! Thanks, Culver's!

Doris P.

My favorite visit is repeated almost every Monday and Friday at noon. My sister picks me up from work, and we head off to Culver's in Decorah, IA. When we come through the door, the great workers there are smiling and greeting us. They pretty much know what we are going to order—the cranberry bacon blue salad with raspberry vinaigrette dressing. We will normally see other neighbors and friends there, often our brother and his wife will show up about the same time. It is practically a family reunion! Culver's is our favorite place to eat, and every time we go there they do such a good job that, that visit is my favorite!

Janelle L.

We love Culver's! When my son was 10, he ordered a 4-scoop cone. The staff working that night had never had anyone order one that large. When they delivered it to the table, they went to hand it to his dad, only to be stopped! They were shocked that it was a 10-year-old's cone. He ate the entire thing, and the staff kept checking back to see if he was the one eating it! Such a fun memory!

Janet S.

In January, each of our children took a friend to a UW Men's Badger hockey game. It was a very exciting game against Anchorage, going back and forth for the lead. The Badgers came out on top! I didn't want the night to end right away, so I suggested we go to Culver's. It was unanimous! So we took the group for a sweet treat to celebrate a sweet win!

Jeremy S.

Every visit is our favorite visit, but taking our 5-year-old daughter out for her birthday lunch was extra special! It's everyone's favorite and our go-to place for birthday requests!

Harry N.

We pulled up to the drive-thru window, and our car failed. We were stuck. We had 4 kids and 2 dogs in the car. We had to sit there for hours waiting for assistance. The people at Culver's could not have been more kind, patient and helpful. They would come out to the car and give us some custard treats and even gave us treats for the dogs. Whenever we travel through that area, we always plan on having a meal at the Mt Pleasant Culver's.

Judith B.

We took our 2- and 4-year-old granddaughters to the Mt. Prospect Culver's for their Halloween Party. Besides enjoying their chicken kids' meals, they had such a good time getting their faces/arms painted and the balloon lady who could make any creature they wanted. We always feel like we are part of a big family when we go to Culver's and think of the employees more as family members than "team" members.

Kelsy M.

When the tennis nets start to go up, I know the weather is starting to warm! My Dad and I would go play tennis together. It was one of the special things I shared with my Dad. Afterwards we'd treat ourselves to Culver's, no matter who won! Usually we'd get sundaes, and the competition wasn't over just because we were off the court. We'd "debate" who had chosen the better mix-ins for their sundae. Eventually, other members of the family started to join our tennis-and-custard tradition, which was great. But now, years later and living away from home, I still have those memories of hot days playing tennis and cooling off with Culver's custard and conversation with my Dad!

Julie M.

My little guy loves Culver's custard! He was finally big enough to take his kids' meal coupon up to the counter all by himself! The workers were so nice to him, and the smile on his face when they handed him his custard was priceless! It got even better when Grandma taught him how to drink the last bit of custard from the bowl!

Janet B.

My daughter used to play competitive softball, and the team went to Lawrence, KS for a week-long national tournament. The first night there, we went to Culver's (at the time we did not have one in Columbia). Big mistake going the first night—the team wanted to eat at Culver's every night! Needless to say, we spent a lot of time at Culver's during that week. One night we were even entertained by an Elvis impersonator! We have been Culver's fans since and were so happy when they opened one in Columbia!

Katie A.

In December, our Culver's had a Superhero/Princess Night for kids. Our daughter, Carly, was 20 months old and afraid of any costumed character. However, she went right up to Scoopie for a hug. She kept giving him high-fives all night and still looks for him every time we go to Culver's. Her sister, Evelyn, also was thrilled to see Scoopie. He was particularly charming in his masked superhero costume!

Liz W.

When my good friend Judy brought her Girl Scout troop to spend the night with us in Ypsilanti, MI and visit local attractions, I thought a visit to Culver's would be a great idea. We each got to pick our favorite mixer, sundae or cone, and you should have seen the smiles! We love the customization and all of the many options. I don't know what I love more—your pot roast dinner or your concrete mixers. That's why I usually go for both!

Kirsten M.

We had never seen a Culver's before moving to Tennessee. I signed up for the e-club last April and received my birthday coupon. We went to our local Culver's so I could get my free sundae and it was amazing! I couldn't believe I had gone 27 years without enjoying the deliciousness. We go to Culver's frequently now, and our 14-month-old son has learned how amazing it is, too! I recently enjoyed my free birthday sundae this year, and it was just as great!

Jeff M.

My kids were so excited when I picked them up from school and started heading towards Culver's. It didn't take them long to figure out we were heading for Happy Hour! A great treat for the kids at a great price. Thanks for making me a cool dad.

Mary Y.

I would say my best visit to Culver's is every visit because the service is always top notch. But if I must choose one visit, it would be when Culver's of Downers Grove, IL hosted the rehearsal dinner for my wedding. Culver's secured extra staffing, decorated, kept a running tab for our party, took pictures and arranged to have Scoopie show up. Culver's helped me celebrate an amazing night with my family and friends. I am always appreciative for the wonderful service I receive every time I dine at Culver's!

Megan S.

Our favorite visit was after a school program. We were celebrating our daughter's winning an award that day. My husband, our parents and our kids were all there together. A reporter from the Daily Chronicle came over and asked us some questions about the renovation. We went to Culver's to celebrate our daughter's achievements and ended up in the newspaper as well! We love Culver's!

Nicole P.

My favorite trip to Culvers was on the first day of school for my daughter. We all enjoyed the food, but it was bittersweet knowing that our baby is growing up, and lunch with Mom and Dad won't be the cool thing to do for much longer. But looking at her smiling face and thumbs-up pose, I can remember when she was still our baby!

Krystal C.

My favorite visit was with my mom earlier this year. I hardly ever get to spend time with her, so it was nice to get to have some alone time just to be with her and talk while enjoying a delicious lunch.

Shannon H.

My family and I love to visit Culver's! The kids (we have four children) are always delighted to enjoy the custard sandwiches that come with the kids' meals. The only problem we ever have is keeping the kids from making huge messes! This particular visit was my favorite as the attached photo shows. This was my little Henry's first trip to Culver's, and he was elated to get such an enormous treat!

Nikki G.

Every visit to Culver's is my favorite visit! The food is consistently fabulous, and the service is equally amazing! I discover something new every time I visit a Culver's! Keep up the good work!

Sue M.

Our new Culver's on 64th Street in Kansas City, MO recently opened! We couldn't wait to bring our little granddaughter in for a special Culver's dinner! The smiles tell it all! We sure do love Culver's!

Mindi W.

All of our visits to Culvers are great! Every week my daughter, age 2, goes to a play group. After play group she always asks for French fries and custard from Culver's. She even informs me when she sees the sign for the restaurant by saying, "Here we are!"

Susan G.

Every New Year's Day my family gathers for a thanksgiving of the past year and to voice our hopes for the coming year. This year we celebrated at Culver's in Colorado Springs, CO. We all enjoyed the fantastic food and the wonderful company.

Paula D.

My fiance and I work opposite schedules—me mornings, him afternoons. In the last few months, we have taken to getting Culver's on Friday nights. I pick up dinner and take it to him at work so we can have one meal out of the week together. It's become a tradition we love!

Tammy D.

I love to go to Culver's on Folsom Street in Eau Claire, WI on the first Tuesday of each month. Not only do I get to spend some quality time with my family and eat delicious food but I get to meet up with all my Roosevelt friends. I love when our school mascot, PAWZ, is able to come to Culver's.

Nicole W.

I had the day off work so my best friend and I decided to make the most of it. We were out and about all day, visiting all of our favorite places around town, so of course we had to go to Culver's! We had a meal featuring our favorite root beer, cheeseburgers, cheese curds and mini mixers! We went all out! It was a perfect ending to the day.

Tracey D.

Every visit is a favorite. My husband and I visit Culver's every Sunday with our daughters. Culver's has been our Sunday tradition for almost five years now. We love Culver's!

Tricia D.

Oh my gosh! My 3-year-old daughter is IN LOVE with SCOOPIE! It started when we did the school fundraising night (which I think is awesome) for our son last year. She has to have at least 50 pictures taken with Scoopie, and if we see him out after shopping, we have to stop! Thank you for giving our family a wonderful tradition and memory! (The food rocks, too.)

Angelica C.

My children and I came to Culver's for dinner one night. Scoopie was there, and both of my kids took turns giving Scoopie a High Five every time he circled past our table. My son and daughter probably gave him about 20 High Fives and were laughing so hard they were almost rolling on the floor! They both said it was their favorite trip to Culver's ever!

Alyssa M.

I was a senior in high school. I went to the Culvers in Mukwonago, WI with my friend who worked there. As soon as I walked in I locked eyes with the guy behind the counter, and it felt like my heart stopped. His name is Matthew W. and he's still making my heart stop 5 years later. He always says the moment I walked into his Culvers, he knew I was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. We love Culver's and our Culver's friends we've made along the way. Wouldn't change it for the world.

Anne H.

My favorite visit was when I learned that Culver's had finally come to my area of Florida. I was raised in Wisconsin and lived 25 years in Illinois, so Culver's was always one of my favorite places to go for a good burger, cheese curds (of course) and that heavenly custard. I missed it for 10 years and didn't get back to Illinois very often, so you can just imagine how delighted I was (and how high I jumped with joy) when the Culver's opened in Naples ... then in Estero ... and now I'm anticipating the opening soon of one really close by in Fort Myers. Hooray!

Angela S-H.

As a family of three, my husband, stepdaughter and I made our first trip to Europe last July. We had three amazing weeks in Germany, Italy, Croatia and Greece. However, upon returning, before even going home, we made a stop at the place we missed most in the U.S., and that was our local Culver's! It was a great treat to end a fantastic trip!

Brooke M.

My favorite Culver's visit was when my girlfriends and I hung out before one of them left to live in Florida. We can say it was our "last supper" together.

Anna H.

My favorite visit was Jan. 23, 2010. I was on a date with my now-husband. There in the booth I fell in love with him. We married two years later. [We're] almost on our second year of marriage. Every time we go there we try to get the same booth. :)

Cassie G.

My favorite visit was when a group of friends and I met Scoopie! Even though we were all in high school, this was a special moment for us. Ever since we could drive, our small group of friends would go to Culver's whenever possible to catch up or hang out. Meeting Scoopie just made our love for Culver's grow. Now, being in college, we are in our hometown rarely, but when we are all there we always make a plan to grab a meal or custard at Culver's. So many great memories have happened at Culver's, and Scoopie represents all of those wonderful times.

Barry G.

It was just after getting my wisdom teeth taken out. I was starving for something good after only being able to eat soup for the first two days. We went to Culver's, and I got a Triple Mushroom & Swiss and a large shake. They both tasted so good and the shake helped sooth my sore jaw.

Crissy M.

My favorite visit to Culver's was after seeing a play, Annie Jr., at the Morris Theater Guild with my Mom, my son and my nieces and nephew. We went to Culver's for lunch. We always get good food at Culver's, and the kids love getting frozen custard for dessert. The kids were very excited when Scoopie came out for a visit, and we got a very cute picture. We can always count on Culver's for good food and a good time.

Becki K.

When I was in high school (around 10 years ago), a bunch of us from my church would go to Culver's every Sunday night after church. Even though it was a school night, we would sit there until closing and just have a really good time—talking and laughing. That is my favorite memory!

Cynthia G.

Everyone in my family warned me not to take the icy roads to Culver's. It was the second day the schools were closed for icy weather. My kids and I were getting tired of being stuck in our home. My craving for a Culver's delicious juicy burger won over my nervousness of driving on the icy roads. My son Luke said, "Mom, we can make it!" My daughter was also encouraging me as we loaded up in the car. We made the 5-minute trip in about 10 minutes. As we rounded the steep icy hill that turned into the Culver's in Rockwall, the sign read, "Free Custard if your name is LUKE!" We all laughed and knew we were meant to brave the snow to get to Culver's. We had a blast looking out the icicle-filled windows eating our burgers and ice cream.

Blake J.

My favorite visit was to the Culver's in Two Harbors, MN. It was my favorite because I had tried the Triple Burger instead of getting just the Single, and it was the best decision I ever made. You can't beat a Triple!

Hannah S.

During a trip to Culver's with two friends from my freshman year of college, I stumbled across the Triple Cheese Curd—a perfect friendship curd! One cheese curd for each of us! It was enjoyed with a ButterBurger and custard for dessert!

Clarissa R.

I remember going to Culver's multiple times with my Dad when I was little and collecting the coupons for the toys for Team Scoopie. The best time was when I got a bunch of kickballs and took them to school to play with my friends.

JaCinda CM.

My daughter Emma (age 9) has Autism, ADHD and ODD, so you can understand that dining at a restaurant is very challenging with her, due to behavior and sensory issues. I decided one day that we would visit the Culver's that had opened within the past year to eat a leisurely Sunday lunch while wearing our pajamas. I figured the novelty of going in pajamas and to a new place at a slower time of the day would work wonders for Emma, and it did. She had a blast, loved her food and behaved very well. The best part of the visit was when our food arrived at the table and Emma picked up this GIANT french fry (at least 10 inches long!) and proclaimed to all in the dining room that she had received BIG DADDY! as she immediately named this colossal fry. It's difficult to get a picture of Emma happy in public but this one is one of my favorites. We've gone on to have many successful Sunday pajama lunches, sometimes with friends invited, at our Mesa, AZ Culver's. Great food and family fun always. Thanks, Culver's!

Crystal E.

We have a half marathon training group each spring, and three years ago for our final training run we decided to run 12 miles to Culver's. The weather was perfect, and we successfully completed the 12 miles, only to find that Culver's wasn't open for another half hour! Oops! I guess we should have checked that before we left. So we waited for Culver's to open and then enjoyed ButterBurgers and custard.

Jen J.

We adopted three siblings from Peru in the fall of 2012. It took us 2 years to adopt them after meeting them in an orphanage in 2010. After living in Peru during the adoption finalization, we finally arrived home on a Saturday night. On Sunday we went to church and then took the kid's to Culvers for lunch. It was their first American restaurant experience. They loved it! We have been going there almost every Sunday after church since then—16 months later!

David G.

My favorite visit is when I came into my local Culver's and the drive-thru employee knew exactly what I would order and how I liked it. It made me feel like I was visiting family.

Jennifer H.

It was Christmas 2011. I hadn't taken my kids to see Santa yet and was actually dreading driving to Orlando Mall to do it when I saw the sign outside Culver's saying Santa would be there! I thought, "It's a Christmas miracle!" LOL. Seriously, I was so relieved that Santa would be so close (we lived across the street) that the stress of seeing Santa disappeared. That night we enjoyed a relaxing dinner together while my kids talked to Santa about what they wanted for Christmas. Thanks, Culver's, for making a memory we will always remember.

Denise J.

My favorite Culver's visit was our family's first visit to a Culver's restaurant. It was in WI Dells about 11 years ago. We were walking by the front of the restaurant when we read about ButterBurgers. We were intrigued and decided to go inside to try one. We were hooked. We had to visit that Culver's every day of our vacation to quench our ButterBurger cravings. Thank goodness, they opened a Culver's in our hometown! :)

Jennifer P.

My favorite Culver's memory is actually the first time I went to one. It was my first solo meal out with both my children. My son was 3.5, my daughter was about 6–7 months. The food was fantastic and I felt it was much higher quality than traditional fast food. The staff was wonderful. They went out of their way to make us feel welcome and they went above and beyond to help me manage both kids and our food. I have been a loyal customer ever since. We go at least once a week. Any place I can take my kids for yummy food and fantastic service is a win in my book! (Photo is more recent photo, my daughter is 18 months now, a year of loving Culver's!)

Jeff W.

We took our two 1-year-old grandsons [to Culver's] for their first time. They ate their lunch as fast as they could so they could get their dessert and then shared their custard with grandma and grandpa.

Jessica C.

My favorite visit was my first date with my husband. We first went to putt putt in Corydon, IN and then had lunch over at Culver’s. This was one of the best days of my life. We had so much fun just goofing off, and it was a relaxing summer day! To this day Culver’s is our favorite restaurant to eat at! We have been married for a year and half now and recently had a baby. We look forward to making more memories there with our newborn and having future birthday parties there!

Jennifer N.

My favorite visit to Culver's was my first visit to the one that had recently opened in Murfreesboro, TN. It was such a treat to eat at my favorite restaurant in my new state, instead of having to wait for when I visited my family in Wisconsin! :)

Jody E.

One of my very favorite visits to Culver's was with my daughter, Millie. After a day of running errands and shopping, there was no better way to end it than with a strawberry sundae from Culver's. It was the first place we both thought of! Super quality time with a super tasty treat! Thank you.

Jordan S.

Best visit was after winning a basketball tournament in middle school. The whole team was there and we were having fun celebrating. It was a great day capped off by a good meal and some frozen custard!

Joseph M.

Well, I had just came to visit Wisconsin for the first time, and some family suggested we go to Culver's. Being from New Jersey I had no idea what it was. I decided to try the Culver's Deluxe, and since the moment I did, I was HOOKED! I couldn't stop eating them, and probably ate one every day for a week! This was taken on the first day (my first and favorite Culver's experience)!

Kelly D.

Introducing my out-of-state family to Culver's! Now whenever they visit, Culver's is the first place they want to go to eat! Always looking for an "excuse" to eat there!

Justin V.

Our family's had many good visits to Culver's, but the best so far was when we went for the Easter lunch put on by our local Culver's on Golf Road in Eau Claire, WI. My parents were visiting that weekend, and we were able to eat outside and enjoy the spring weather for the first time after a LONG winter. Plus we really appreciated all of the volunteers who were putting on the free Easter lunch for the community!

Kelsey W.

A big group of people from my church goes to Culver's almost every Sunday night after church. We have spent countless nights at Culver's laughing, building relationships and enjoying delicious food! One of my favorite memories there? The day that my hubby and I announced that we were expecting our first little one to some close friends! I will forever remember what table we were sitting at when we made the announcement! I love Culver's!

Kelly M.

One of our favorite visits to Culver's was on Halloween. Kids could dress up and enjoy dinner with Scoopie! My son had the best time dressing up for Halloween and meeting Scoopie. It was surely a memorable day for my son, as to this day he remembers Scoopie giving him a little rubber Halloween duckie.

Kendra S.

My first time at Culver's was HEAVEN! I was 14 and starving after shopping with my mother all day! We had never been there and decided to give it a go. I got the Single ButterBurger basket with the works, no onions. Instantly fell in love with the freshness and quality! I even got a job there once I turned 16! It's my go-to place when I want a filling meal for a great price!

Linda S.

My greatest Culver's memory was when my granddaughter, Paige, got to meet Scoopie for the first time. It brought tears to my eyes to see that little girl so excited.

Lea Ann S.

In 1997 we adopted a seven-month-old girl from India. We were unsure of her eating habits but found out right away that she could eat solid food. One of her first trips out to eat was to Culver's. I broke off tiny pieces of bun and burger and placed them on the tray of her high chair. Before I could even eat a bite myself I turned to see that she had eaten all the pieces on her tray! She loved that ButterBurger. It became quite funny to see how quickly she could eat those tiny pieces. One of our favorite memories of that time in our lives.

Lindsey S.

Our favorite visit to Culver's was the first one for our new baby, Lincoln, who was born on 12-12-12. He was less than one week old. We met Lincoln's newly minted Grandpa so he could pick up Grandma who had spent the first few days of Lincoln's life with us. Everyone was so happy—especially Daddy who was able to drink some caffeine after another looong night!

Lindsey S.

My husband and I recently brought our two babies in for dinner, and everyone was so sweet. They helped us get a high chair, they brought us napkins and ketchup, and they loved on our kids. Nothing better than that!

Michele D.

We called ourselves the "Hugs & ButterBurgers Girls." On the first Thursday of every month, a group of ladies from our Bible Study group got together there to fellowship and to get to know each other better outside of the study time. Some days we had our kids with us and they loved it! What better place can you fellowship with friends and have great food with incredible service! We love our Culver's and now celebrate each other's birthdays there, too! EVERY visit is our FAVORITE visit!

LyzaJo J.

After every orchestra concert, we love visiting Culver's! It's a great treat for my kids to show them their hard work and dedication are appreciated. And everyone loves Culver's!

Mindy O

My son and I had our lunch date together at Culver's one afternoon. We love that we got a great Packers number! Guess who it was? I think we live at Culver's. It's my son's favorite place to eat.

Marc N.

"I absolutely love Culver's and am what could be called a ""frequent flyer"" at Culver's, which is very appropriate as I live in the aviation capital of the world—Oshkosh, Wisconsin!

As Oshkosh is the aviation capital of the world, during the EAA AirVenture 2014 I took some of our international guests to my favorite Culver's in Oshkosh so they could experience the beauty and wonder of the ButterBurger, Wisconsin fried cheese curds, onion rings and, of course, the outstanding root beer! At the end of our meal, one of my guests asked a simple question: ""When will they be expanding to Brazil?"" I laughed out loud!

Thanks for the memorable experience!"

Myles M.

In fall of 2013 I studied abroad in Europe and the one thing I constantly missed was Culver's. I could not find any cheese curds or creamy custard that even compared to what I am used to as a Wisconsinite and as a regular Culver's-goer. While I was abroad I made a blog about all the things I missed about America. To keep it funny, I put Culver's on almost every other line of my blog post, including the first and last thing I missed. Not even 24 hours after landing in Chicago and getting back to West Bend, WI, I visited my sister (a Culver's employee) at our local Culver's and indulged in my favorite meal: a ButterBurger with Cheese Kids Meal with a scoop of Vanilla Custard with Cookie Dough. Before walking in, I had someone snap this picture of me because I could not contain my excitement and I finally felt like I was back home.

Mary K.

After a marching band competition at the local high school, my good friend Nancy and her husband drove over to see my daughter perform, and afterward we headed to Culver's. We hadn't seen each other for ages, and it was a great place to have good food and conversation!

Rachael T.

For four years (2006–2010) I lived and worked at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Culver’s was a regular part of my life. I took the college students that I supervised to Culver’s for lunch, I met colleagues at Culver's over lunch and would drive out for late-night [custard] with friends to dish about life and love. It was so integral that one of those friends had wedding photos taken at the Stevens Point Culver's! The restaurant is near and dear to my heart, and I frequent Culver's whenever possible.

Melinda L.

Our son and daughter were both playing softball/baseball at the same time. I was at one game and my husband at the other. Our kids were kind of sad that we weren't all able to see the games together, but they were at different schools at the same time. Both of their teams won so we decided to take the kids somewhere new for dinner as a treat. Culver's food was great, the employees were very friendly! As we left my son said, "I think we've found our new special place, huh mom?" And he was right. We go there after games, concerts and programs at school! It's our special place. :)

Ronald S.

Having enjoyed delicious food and custard at Culver's for over 20 years in Minnesota, I was thrilled when Culver's opened on Greenfield in Mesa, AZ! I went there to celebrate my 65th birthday October 25th. Imagine my surprise when I arrived and found a reserved table for me, complete with a huge birthday balloon and a sign wishing "Side of Mustard Sir" (my nickname given me by the owner, Carissa Rose, since I love to dip my onion rings in mustard)—a Very Happy Birthday! I will never forget Carissa's birthday surprise! I love Carissa and Team Greenfield, where I always leave HAPPY. :-)

Michelle B.

When I first moved into my apartment, my family and I visited a Culver's for the first time. The greeting and all-around homey feeling of the restaurant made me feel right at home in my new neighborhood. I go there at least once a week. Thanks, Culvers!

Stephanie V.

We live in a wonderful community and our school does "Scoopie Night"! It is wonderful to see the community and the kids all together and to have a company that truly supports our community! We love the custard and visit often for our favorite flavors of the day!

Peggy M.

My favorite visit to Culver's was the day we moved three hours from home. We had just finished unloading the moving van and were feeling a bit emotional because [the rest of] our family was headed back. We found a Culver's very close to our home to enjoy dinner. We ended up enjoying a long, relaxed visit and some delicious custard. It was a great way to part ways, and now we visit that Culver's once a week or so. It has become like home to us.

Trisha U.

Several of us went to Culver's one afternoon after visiting the corn maze and enjoyed sundaes, shakes and concrete mixers. We thought it was funny to place all of our empty containers in front of my son to make it look like he had eaten all that! He looks very full!

Vince S.

I remember all of the times coming home from sporting events in high school with my teammates. Stopping at Culver's was always the best part about the night after a win. Everyone would try to eat the most, preferably the Triple Deluxe ButterBurger! Culver's will always bring me back to the fun times of sporting events in high school whenever I stop in at one of the restaurants!