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Sweepstakes runs October 1-28, 2018.

Great people have always been the key ingredient in our success

Outdoor photo of Culver's restaurant.

Guests Delight in Wintry Visit to Culver's

At Culver’s we take pride in our fresh, cooked-to-order food and our Midwestern hospitality. When you walk in our door, we’d like you to feel like you’re being welcomed home for a delicious meal. Hannah M. and her boyfriend found this to be true when they stopped at Culver’s during a wintry ride home for the holidays.

Guest Hanna M.'s boyfriend eating at a restaurant.

“One day I was driving home from college in New Ulm, Minnesota with my boyfriend. We were headed through a blizzard and decided to stop at Culver’s for a couple of hours until the storm cleared up. We bought food continuously and just had a great time!”

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