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Cristen Clark and family

Five Things to Know About Cristen, Our June 9, 2017, #FarmingFridays Feature

Friday, June 9, brings another installment of our social series, #FarmingFridays. Through this series, we invite people from the agricultural community to share photos and videos that give our guests a peek into their lives.

Cristen Clark is an Iowa pork farmer who also writes Food and Swine, a blog about cooking and farming. She will share her story on Culver’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat on June 9.  

Here are five things to know about Cristen:

1. Farming is a family affair. She grew up on a row crop (crops grown in rows so they can be tilled, like corn or soybeans) and beef cattle farm, which she and her sister still help their parents maintain. Cristen and her husband raise pigs, and their two children are active participants on the farm. “It is wonderful to be able to experience farm life again through a child's eyes,” said Cristen. “There's nothing better than watching my daughter dry off a newborn piglet and help it nurse for the first time.”

Cristen with kids

2. She’s always learning. Cristen loves farming because it’s a varied industry that brings her endless opportunities to learn. “Some of my best friends raise completely different crops and livestock than I do, and I'll never run out of questions for them,” Cristen explained. “It is so interesting!”

Cristen with cookbooks

3. Cooking = Love. Cristen started Food and Swine as a platform for sharing recipes and stories about family farming. What’s one of Cristen’s favorite ingredients to use in her recipes? “You’d better believe I cook with pork a lot!” she said.

Cristen and her family

4. Ask her about farming. She wants people to know where their food comes from, and she likes educating people about it. “Many people are generations removed from the farm and don't have any resources to turn to when they have questions about food or farming,” explained Cristen. “I want to be someone that curious people feel comfortable approaching when they have questions.” 

Cristen and 4H kids at the fair

5. Community is important. From coaching her daughter’s sports teams to teaching kids about agriculture, Cristen has a presence in her local community. One of her favorite events involved her reading the book If You Give a Pig a Party to a group of children at her local library. She even brought some real pigs for the kids to meet!

Look out for Cristen’s #FarmingFridays posts on Culver’s social media on Friday, June 9, to learn even more about Cristen’s story. Plan to also follow along on July 21, September 22 and November 3 as the National FFA Officer Team, NAAE teachers and the Peterson Farm Bros share their stories.

Interested in learning more about how Culver’s recognizes and thanks farmers? Check out our Thank You Farmers Project page.


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