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Colored photo submission for 2017 Culver's Calendar.

Kids Color Their Way Into the 2017 Culver's Calendar

It’s important for our younger guests to be educated about where their food comes from and for us to encourage their excitement about becoming a scientist or farmer or holding one of more than 400 other jobs that exist in the agricultural industry.

Coloring done by Laura K.

That’s why three years ago we created farm-inspired coloring pages that show a variety of farm scenes, including growing crops and caring for animals, to promote conversations about farming and provide an opportunity for children to showcase their artistic abilities.

Colored photo by Nicole F.

This year kids were again invited to share their completed artwork with their local restaurant for a chance to be featured in the 2017 Thank You Farmers Calendar.

More than 2500 kids submitted entries, of which 27 will be featured in the calendar:

Madison S. Age 11 – St. Joseph, MI

Nicole F. Age 11 – Streamwood, IL

Sonia R. Age 11 – Streamwood, IL

Colored photo by Sonia R.

Olivia P. Age 10 – Newton, WI

Gabi K. Age 9 – Wautoma, WI

Bethany J. Age 9 – Clinton, WI

Lauren K. Age 9 – Verona, WI

Sarah D. Age 8 – Beason, IL

Colored photo by Sarah D.

Grace G. Age 7 – Elgin, IL

Marcy F. Age 7 – Madison, WI

Daphne W. Age 6 – Ft. Wayne, IN

Adelaide H. Age 4 – Appleton, WI

Bekah G. Age 6 – Stevensville, MI

Alexander F. Age 10 – Findlay, OH

Colored photo by Alexander F.

Kirsi S. Age 5 – North Mankato, MN

Lola G. Age 5 – Elgin, IL

Ella E. Age 4 – Machesney Park, IL

Olivia S. Age 4 – Valparaiso, IN

Eliana S. Age 7 – Onalaska, WI

Colored photo by Eliana S.

Reagan H. Age 4 – Appleton, WI

Maddie L. Age 3 – Fond du Lac, WI

Deijah S. Age 3 – Arkansaw, WI

Cuinn D. Age 8 – Roscoe, IL

Olivia H. Age 6 – Clinton, WI

Emma W. Age 10 – Jefferson City, MO

Emily G. Age 10 – Roscoe, IL

Kinley A. Age 4 – Waukesha, WI

Colored photo by Kinley

Interested in getting your hands on the 2017 Thank You Farmers Calendar for your refrigerator or desk? The calendar, which also includes Culver’s offers, is available at participating restaurants while supplies last. Give your local restaurant a call to learn more.


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