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Join Us In Saying Thanks Culver’s Commitment to America’s Family Farms Runs Deep

The Peterson Farm Brothers in front of their farm

Meet the Peterson Farm Brothers, Our Nov. 3, 2017, #FarmingFridays Feature

For our final #FarmingFridays feature of 2017, we’ve invited the Peterson Farm Brothers to join us again. On Friday, Nov. 3, Greg, Nathan, Kendal and honorary “brother” Laura will give us a peek at life on their Kansas family farm and provide a glimpse into the fun and educational videos they create and post on their YouTube channel. They will share their photos and videos on Culver’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Get to know the Peterson Farm Brothers:

1. Greg Peterson

It was eldest brother Greg’s idea to create the parody videos that the group is known for. As a student majoring in ag communication and music at Kansas State University, he wanted to educate people about agriculture but also entertain them. Ag-themed parody music videos seemed like the perfect fit. Greg is the writer in the group, penning the videos’ lyrics. Greg has since graduated from college and spends his time leading worship at church and working on the family farm. His favorite menu item at Culver’s? “I’m all about the Frozen Custard,” he said. “It’s so good.”

"We love being a voice for hard-working, value-driven farm families.”

2. Nathan Peterson

Nathan also graduated from Kansas State University. His favorite part of being a farmer is getting to spend time with his family during the planting and harvest. In his free time, Nathan enjoys playing and watching sports, especially if his favorite team, K-State, is playing. Nathan’s favorite parody video is “I’m Farming and I Grow It”; he fondly remembers it as the first video the group ever created.

I'm Farming and I Grow It

3. Kendal Peterson

Kendal currently attends Kansas State University and is majoring in agribusiness. A people person at heart, Kendal works in the school’s college ministry, and he looks forward to every opportunity to return home to help his family on the farm. Kendal loves being a farmer because he loves caring for animals and the challenge of having “a thousand hungry mouths to feed in the morning.” Kendal’s favorite parody video is “All I Do Is Farm.” “I get to rap more in that one,” he said, “and I love rapping.”

All I Do Is Farm

4. Laura Peterson

Youngest sibling and only sister, Laura Peterson, is a senior in high school with plans to follow her brothers to Kansas State University next fall. In her free time, Laura runs cross country, plays basketball and spends time with friends. When she visits Culver’s, she can’t resist ordering Wisconsin Cheese Curds.

Interested in learning more about Culver’s support of agricultural education? Head over to our Thank You Farmers Project page.

Photo credit: DLC Photography


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