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Join Us In Saying Thanks Culver’s Commitment to America’s Family Farms Runs Deep

FFA students visiting a Culver's.

Support FFA During 2017’s Scoops of Thanks Day

Show your support for the agricultural community on Thursday, May 4, when we host our third annual Scoops of Thanks Day. For every $1 donation to FFA or other local agricultural organizations, we will be giving out a single scoop of Fresh Frozen Custard. Giving to a great cause never tasted so sweet!

Guests enjoying Custard on Scoops of Thanks Day.

We created Scoops of Thanks Day to continue to recognize the agricultural community for all the work that they do. Last year, we served a whopping 48,000 scoops of thanks to our guests and raised $56,500 in donations for FFA chapters or other agricultural organizations selected by each restaurant. We’re hoping to beat that number this year, so be sure to bring your friends and family to your local Culver’s!

To date, Thank You Farmers Project has raised more than one million dollars in support of the National FFA Organization and Foundation, local FFA chapters and a variety of local agricultural organizations. To learn more about the Thank You Farmers Project and how to get involved, visit our Thank You Farmers Project page.


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