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Sweepstakes runs October 2–29, 2017, 11:59 p.m. CST.

Join Us In Saying Thanks Culver’s Commitment to America’s Family Farms Runs Deep

Photograph of Blue Barn

Thank You Farmers Blue Barns

Heading down the highway through fields and farmland, keep an eye out and you may just see a big, blue barn honoring all the folks whose crops you just passed.

From day one, every delicious meal we’ve served has started at an American family farm just like these. We’re so grateful for the wholesome food they grow and share, we wanted to say thanks in a way that was just as meaningful.

To show our appreciation, we updated and painted a message to farmers on one of the great symbols of American agriculture: the barn. With more blue barns thanking farmers raised every year, our gratitude only continues to spread.

Watch one of our big blue tributes come to life in this video. Or, if you’re passing through Argenta, Illinois; Beaver Dam, Wisconsin; Greenfield, Indiana or Mineral Point, Wisconsin, see if you can spot our great big thanks to farmers.