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Culver’s Continues its A-maze-ing Fall Family Tradition

10 Things to Know Before Visiting Restaurant’s Five Corn Mazes

PRAIRIE DU SAC, Wis.—  Aug. 27, 2018 – With fall around the corner, corn mazes are popping up all over the country.

Culver’s teamed up with corn mazes designers to grow messages that celebrate agriculture while growing our guests’ appreciation for those who produce food.

10 fun facts to know before winding through a corn maze this year: 

  1. Don’t be fooled by the myth that keeping to your right on the maze walls will always lead you to the exit.
  2. No maze path should be used more than twice.
  3. If a new path leads you to a junction of ways you’ve visited before, retrace your steps to where you entered it.
  4. Many mazes offer trivia at checkpoints to help you successfully navigate your way to an exit.
  5. On average, the majority of mazes are between 8 and 12 acres.
  6. The length of time it takes to get through a maze varies, but on average people finish within one hour.
  7. Some mazes are planted using GPS coordinates that allow the seeds to only be placed where the maze walls will be. Other maze owners cut the design into their fields when the corn is 3 to 6 inches tall.
  8. When tassels form at the top of the stalk, the corn has reached its full height.
  9. The idea for growing a message of thanks into corn mazes came in 2014 when Culver’s worked with an FFA chapter in Tracy, Minnesota, to bring the first Thank You Farmers® Project corn maze to life.
  10. Since 2014, Culver’s has grown 38 Thank You Farmers Project mazes in 19 states.

Some corn maze facts courtesy of The MAiZE

This year, Culver’s Thank You Farmers Project corn mazes are grown with the following mazes:

    “Corn mazes are such a natural way for us to celebrate agriculture and give our guests the chance to connect a bit more to their food,” said Jessie Kreke, Culver’s senior marketing manager. “If you’re located near one of our corn mazes this year, we hope you’ll have the chance to wind your way through.”

    Since the creation of the Thank You Farmers Project in 2013, Culver’s has donated nearly $2 million to advancing agricultural education and helping guests understand why it’s so important to support those who provide food for our growing population. Learn more about this year’s mazes and the Thank You Farmers Project at

    About Culver's:

    For over 30 years, Culver’s guests have been treated to cooked-to-order food made with farm-fresh ingredients and served with a smile. The ever-expanding franchise system now numbers more than 650 family-owned and operated restaurants in 24 states. The restaurants’ nationally recognized customer service is based on small-town, Midwestern values, genuine friendliness and an unwavering commitment to quality. Signature items include the award-winning ButterBurger, made from fresh, never frozen beef, and Fresh Frozen Custard, including the famous Flavor of the Day program. For more information, visit,, or