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Sweepstakes ends December 23, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. CST. While supplies of specially marked cups last.

Flavor of the Day: Always Different, Always Delicious

Flavor of the Day: Always Different, Always Delicious

Driving past Culver’s, there’s one thing guests always keep an eye out for, a delicious declaration that sometimes calls for an immediate visit: the Flavor of the Day.

The Flavor of the Day has been a Culver’s tradition since we opened up our first restaurant in our hometown of Sauk City, Wisconsin. Every day you’ll find a unique flavor of Fresh Frozen Custard featured at each Culver’s, different from one restaurant to the next.

Scoop of Custard

It all starts with our rich and creamy Fresh Frozen Custard, made in small batches throughout the day. From there, we add mix-ins—classic candies, all-time favorites, real fruit, salted nuts—to create signature flavors that are distinct and delicious.

Since the first Flavor of the Day, Caramel Pecan, we haven’t stopped coming up with new and exciting flavors to share. Depending on the day, you can enjoy a dish of Turtle, Caramel Cashew, Caramel Fudge Cookie Dough, Double Strawberry, Mint Explosion or one of dozens of different combinations.

Pints of Flavor of the Day

Though you can always see the Flavor of the Day proudly displayed on the sign outside our restaurants, finding out what’s being featured is as easy as picking up your phone.

Use the Flavor of the Day Finder on our website or the Culver’s app to see what your local restaurant is dishing up. Is one of your favorite flavors being featured soon? Add it to your calendar with one simple click. You can also join our eClub for your neighborhood restaurant’s monthly Flavor of the Day Forecast delivered right to your inbox.

How to Decide on Dessert Video

Take home Culver’s custard to enjoy whenever you want by picking up a pint from your restaurant’s freezer or asking to get a pint or quart of the featured Flavor of the Day to go.

Sometimes, however, nothing beats the sweet surprise of stopping in for a flavor you’ve never tried before and savoring every blue spoonful.

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