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Sweepstakes ends December 23, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. CST. While supplies of specially marked cups last.

Melts: A Melty Classic

Melts: A Melty Classic

Back when diners first started popping up across the country, they were simple spots folks could depend on for a hot and easy meal away from home. One of their specialties? The patty melt. A spin on the classic cheeseburger, the melt combined melted cheese and a burger patty on buttery toast for the ultimate comfort food.

We carry on that delicious American tradition by offering the beloved sandwich to our guests looking for a wholesome meal to share with their family.


We start by grilling up fresh, never frozen, 100% Midwest-raised beef only the minute you order, pressing and searing the meat to lock in the flavor.

Next comes bread lightly brushed with butter from Wisconsin-based Alcam Creamery, the same butter we use on our ButterBurger bun. Putting the bread on the griddle to toast, the cooked burgers are added hot from the grill and are topped with real Wisconsin Cheese made from farm fresh dairy.

Hungry for something classic? Then order up our Sourdough Melt with natural-aged Wisconsin cheddar and crispy fried red onions on toasted sourdough bread. Or if you’re looking for a sandwich inspired by the dairy state, give our Wisconsin Swiss Melt a try, featuring tangy red onions and real Wisconsin Swiss in between two slices of grilled rye bread.

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