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Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potato Fries Begin on the Family Farm

No vegetable brings about a warm and cozy winter feeling quite like the sweet potato, and for a limited time you can get a taste of this with our Sweet Potato Fries. Served hot and crispy, these crinkle-cut beauties are naturally packed with fiber and your daily value of Vitamin A. What more could you want from a side?

Joe Edmondson pictured on his sweet potato farm.

Salty-sweet and nutrient rich, our Sweet Potato Fries are made with genuine Southern-grown potatoes from farms like Topashaw Farms in Vardaman, Mississippi. It’s here that Joe Edmondson and his family, sweet potato farmers for Lamb Weston, spend February through November cultivating their 2100 acres of sweet potatoes.

Having farmed nearly his whole life, Joe appreciates the nuances of the sweet potato crop. “It’s not a very forgiving crop,” explains Joe. “Most crops you can make a mistake, and you have some forgiveness; it’s not that way with sweet potatoes.” The growing and harvesting of the sweet potatoes is made easier by the help from his wife and children—each family member has his or her own part in the production.

We’re big supporters of the FFA.

Joe understands the importance of sharing with Culver’s guests where their food comes from. “If you know where it comes from and what goes into it, it’s special to you,” he says. A true farm family through and through, Joe and all his children were part of their local FFA organization. The Edmondsons recognize the value of supporting America’s future agricultural leaders. In fact, they even donate sweet potatoes to the local FFA chapter to sell at their area Sweet Potato Festival.

With every delicious bite of Culver’s Sweet Potato Fries, you can taste the care and hard work that passionate farmers like Joe and the Edmondson family put into growing food for our guests to enjoy.


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