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Crispy Southwest Chicken Sandwich

The Crispy Southwest Chicken Sandwich’s Four Boldest Ingredients

Bursting with boldness, Culver’s new, limited-time Crispy Southwest Chicken Sandwich is an exciting twist on a classic favorite. What makes it so tasty? Culver’s Director of Menu Development Quinn Adkins explains.

Habanero Pepper Jack Cheese

1) Pepper Jack Cheese

“Jalapeño and habanero peppers blended into creamy Monterey Jack cheese give it a good kick and add a bold layer of flavor to the sandwich. When it’s nice and melty, the aroma is just perfect.”

Jalapenjo Ranch Dressing

2) Jalapeño Ranch Dressing

“Everyone loves ranch! And since we wanted the flavor of the sandwich to really stand out, the addition of jalapeños to the dressing gave it that final touch we wanted.”

Ciabatta Roll

3) Ciabatta Roll

“The roll has amazing flavor that pairs well with the rest of the ingredients, and the texture gives the sandwich that perfect bite.’”

Crispy Chicken

4) Crispy Chicken

“While our crispy chicken fillet has outstanding taste and texture on its own, it also goes well with many other flavors. The juicy chicken with its crispy coating really stands up nicely to the spicy cheese and ranch.”

But how does it taste?

It tastes like deliciousness, of course! Seriously, the balance of flavors is great. The crispy savory chicken and the soft bite of the ciabatta roll are the first things that you taste. Immediately after that the zesty ranch and the zing of the pepper jack cheese come through, and the shredded iceberg lettuce and fresh tomato give a final layer of texture.

I believe that anyone who likes bold flavors and a crispy crunch with their chicken sandwich will love it.”

Experience all the bold and zesty flavor of the Crispy Southwest Chicken Sandwich for a limited time by visiting your local Culver’s today.

What do Culver’s cofounder, Craig Culver, and a licensed cheese grader have to say about the sandwich? Watch and find out.

Click play to watch!

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