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A Taste of Home

Gayle and her friend in military uniform standing in front of large outdoor Culver's sign

After spending time away from those you care about, there’s no better way to come back home than with a delicious meal alongside family and friends. When one armed service member returned from serving overseas, he had only one thing in mind.

Every visit to Culver's in Liberty, MO,
is my favorite visit. Nathan, Michelle, Daniel, David, Desiree, Donna, Jennifer and Matthew always make us feel special. A very close family friend was deployed to Kuwait for over a year. When he returned home, we picked him up at the airport. He had been traveling for nearly 24 hours, but when we asked him what he wanted to do first, he said, "Let's go to Culver's!" So we did. ­­­– Gayle W.

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