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Couple Shares Wedding Day With Family Farmers

Bridal party wearing Culver's Thank You Farmer T-Shirts with sun glasses standing and kneeling in front of banner of Culver's Thank You Farmer Barn

Culver's of Stoughton, WI

When Doug and Ashley Jung were planning their wedding, they knew they wanted to include something out of the ordinary but weren’t sure what that special element should be. Their decision was made, however, when they attended a Farm Tech Days event and visited a booth set up by Culver’s. The Thank You Farmers Project themed booth gave Doug and Ashley the idea to bring Culver’s into their big day.

“I love knowing that by supporting Culver's I am helping to support farmers.”

Both being from farm families, Ashley and Doug appreciated the sentiment behind Culver’s Thank You Farmers Project initiative and knew their guests would too. They contacted Culver’s and received Thank You FarmersProject T-shirts and a banner to use during the wedding. Their wedding party wore the T-shirts to the reception, and guests enjoyed taking photos in front of the banner. “We are the current generation of farmers and both proudly come from families with long farming histories. I knew I wanted to use the banner at the wedding to further incorporate the farming aspect of our lives, to say thank you to all of the farmers that put food on our tables,” shares Ashley.

Doug and Ashley share Custard

The day became even sweeter when the local Culver’s in Stoughton, WI, delivered Fresh Frozen Custard to their reception. Ashley and Doug set up a “Sunde” Bar, a play on Ashley’s maiden name, so their guests could add toppings to their custard. Ashley and Doug’s special treat was a hit. “Many guests were looking for seconds; some couldn't even wait until after they ate dinner and had their custard first!”

“People are still raving about the custard! I don't think anyone missed the traditional wedding cake.”

Love family farms as much as Doug and Ashley? Learn how you can support local agricultural organizations through the Thank You Farmers Project.

Photo credit: Ryan Ebert Photography