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Couple Sheltered From Blizzard in Restaurant Weds in Culver’s Blue

Couple Sheltered From Blizzard in Restaurant Weds in Culver’s Blue

In early 2016, we learned of a young couple who found shelter in a Culver’s during a rough winter blizzard. Hannah U. and her boyfriend Eric spent a few hours enjoying a meal and each other’s company until the storm passed.

Well we are very happy to announce that the couple who shared a special wintry Culver’s memory are now married, and we decided to give an update on what they’re up to!

First of all, congratulations!! When was your wedding? How was the big day?

We had a blast at our wedding and the memories will truly bring us joy for the rest of our lives. Our wedding was on July 15, 2017, in Milwaukee, WI. Coincidentally, our wedding color was unofficially and unintentionally (Culver's) blue! 

 Hannah u. and her husband Eric on their wedding day

Was the blizzard story retold at your wedding?

We dated for over six and a half years before we got married, so it was one of many memories we shared prior to our wedding. However, we have gone on countless visits to Culver's over the last almost seven years together.

Any fun Culver’s trips as a married couple?

We actually went to Culver's to commemorate getting our marriage certificate and also to celebrate finalizing my name change. Culver's has been a great "reward" for many of our recent adulting endeavors!

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Photo credit: Fresh Frame Photography