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Culver's Plays a Special Part in Newlyweds' Relationship

Culver's Plays a Special Part in Newlyweds' Relationship

When Nick and Lily Larsen Acosta began dating, their relationship was mostly long distance, and it was during this time that Culver’s became a special place for them. The couple even got engaged at Culver’s; while sitting in their car eating Fresh Frozen Custard, Nick asked Lily to marry him.

Enjoying each other’s company over a couple dishes of Frozen Custard when Nick came home to visit became a tradition, with Lily often picking Nick up from the airport and driving straight to Culver’s. “If I was arriving late, sometimes Lily would have Culver’s in the front seat of her car when she picked me up,” explains Nick. “Some of our fondest memories involve a dish of vanilla and a dish of chocolate in the cup holder at the airport.”

"We have so many fond memories of Culver’s."

The couple even included Culver’s in their wedding reception with a timeline of their relationship showing their engagement at Culver’s and a guesstimate of how many times they had visited Culver’s together. Anticipating that Nick and Lily would be too busy to eat much during their reception, the bridal party had an order of Culver’s waiting for them after the reception.

Couple's timeline of how they met.

While Nick and Lily always agree on Culver’s, they don’t agree on what to order, each having their own favorites. Nick prefers Chicken Tenders with Wisconsin Cheese Curds and a dish of Vanilla Frozen Custard, while Lily orders a ButterBurger® Cheese with Crinkle Cut Fries and a dish of Chocolate Frozen Custard. Perhaps opposites do attract?

"Culver’s has played an important part in our relationship."

The newlyweds plan to stop at Culver’s during a trip to celebrate their first anniversary, ensuring that Culver’s will continue to be a special part of their relationship. “If there is one thing that we know for certain,” says Nick, “it’s that there is no problem that can’t be solved by a good attitude, a loving partner and a single scoop of Culver’s Custard.”

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