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For James, the True Blue Crew is About Connecting With Guests

Franchisees of Peoria with Craig Culver and James

Culver's of Peoria, IL - N University St.

If you’ve ever stopped by Culver’s of Peoria, IL – N University St. for lunch, chances are you have met James Granderson. James has been a part of Culver’s True Blue Crew in Peoria for seven years, and his upbeat personality has earned him the nickname of “The Culverizer.”

James Granderson

Working at Culver’s has allowed James, who has a learning disability that affects his ability to read, to gain independence. He has memorized packaging so he can help fulfill orders, and never needs to be reminded to perform his regular tasks. James’ knack for remembering also helps him connect with customers.

“He remembers everyone’s car and where they work,” says Phil Skinner, owner of the Peoria restaurant. James enjoys striking up conversations with guests, whose days are brightened by the personalized attention James gives them.

“He just loves making people happy.”

“James brings a great energy to the table everyday and always puts a smile on the faces of the guests and his fellow teammates,” says Phil.

James’ attentive customer service and genuine care for his guests show what Culver’s True Blue Crew is all about. If you would like to join James as part of the True Blue Crew, check out our Careers page.