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From Hauling Hay to Grilling ButterBurgers, Quinn Adkins Serves Up His Story

From Hauling Hay to Grilling ButterBurgers, Quinn Adkins Serves Up His Story

Our new Menu Development Director Quinn Adkins has always been passionate about food. With a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts, Quinn worked his way up from local eateries to a 5-star restaurant in Dallas where his menu development career began. From there, Quinn spent time crafting delicious new menu items for several well-known restaurants before joining the Culver’s family in the spring of 2015.

How did you get into cooking?

Growing up on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma, my interest in food began at a really early age. Since my parents worked full-time jobs on top of managing the ranch, my brother and I would often cook our own meals. I love how cooking engages all the senses. Plus, I’ve always been a big people pleaser, and seeing the joy my cooking brings others gives me tremendous satisfaction.

How has growing up on a cattle ranch shaped you?

While my education and restaurant experience definitely prepared me for a career with food, my time on my family’s cattle ranch made me into who I am. From driving a tractor to hauling hay, I grew up in an environment where everyone pitched in to get the job done; it’s a philosophy that’s reflected in my management style today.

Growing up on the farm also gave me a deep respect for the origin of my food and the effort that goes into getting it from farm to plate. It was also one of the reasons I got involved with my local FFA chapter when I was younger, which is one of the many agricultural organizations Culver’s supports today through Thank You Farmers Project.

"I love how cooking engages all the senses."

What attracted you to Culver’s?

I’ve been a long-time fan of Culver’s, from the quality of food and focus on hospitality to the depth and breadth of the menu. So when the opportunity came to join the Culver’s team and reinforce the experience that sets Culver’s apart, I jumped on it.

What inspires your cooking?

I’m inspired by everything from state fair foods to what I see in magazines. I like the focus and challenge of layering dynamic flavors together to create memorable, exciting food experiences. Every ingredient should stand on its own merits in terms of quality. I also challenge myself to be proactive and look beyond short-term food trends to the movement driving that idea.

If you weren’t a cook you’d be…

A racecar driver or pilot. I’ve always been a thrill seeker.

Curds or Fries?


Crispy or Grilled Chicken Sandwich?

Definitely crispy.