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Guests Feel Like Celebrities at Culver's Red Carpet Night

Guests Feel Like Celebrities at Culver's Red Carpet Night

Culver's of Racine, Wisconsin - S. Sylvania Ave.

At Culver’s, we pride ourselves on our warm, Midwestern hospitality and strive to make every guest feel welcome. One restaurant took this idea even further by hosting a special event to show guests how much they care.

Culver’s of Racine, Wisconsin – S. Sylvania Ave. hosted their first “Red Carpet Night” event this past fall. Team members dressed up in button-down shirts and ties, and the restaurant was decorated in a Hollywood theme. Guests entered Culver’s on a red carpet and were greeted by Scoopie and Culver’s restaurant owners, Tom, Tim and Pete Haman. “Our guests were thrilled to be greeted by them,” explained the manager, Alisa Haman.

Girls with Scoopie

Preparation for the event began months before, as Alisa encouraged team members to get to know their regular guests and reward those who regularly visited at least once a week with a special coupon for the event.

Alisa thought a “Red Carpet Night” would be a fitting way to thank guests for all they have done to make the restaurant successful over the last 19 years. “Culver’s is known for its hospitality,” she explained, “and I wanted to take it one step further and turn it into a memorable night for our guests.”

"I felt the celebrity experience was the perfect fit for Culver’s!"

The event was a success, and the restaurant is considering holding more events like it in the future. “It was just a fun night!” remembered Alisa, “one that some of our guests still talk about –how cool it was to feel like a celebrity for one night at their local Culver’s!”

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