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How to Navigate Culver’s Menu with Sarah Hendren, Registered Dietitian

How to Navigate Culver’s Menu with Sarah Hendren, Registered Dietitian

At Culver’s, we want everyone to be able to enjoy our delicious menu, and we recognize the diverse needs of our guests when they walk into one of our restaurants. Whether you are eating for health and wellness, celebrating with an indulgent treat, or working around a dietary restriction, Culver’s Registered Dietitian, Sarah Hendren, has advice on navigating our menu.

Making Mindful Choices

For guests looking to eat healthy, Sarah recommends reviewing the menu online where each item’s ingredients and nutritional information are listed. Since Culver’s is a cook-to-order restaurant, you can also customize your order to meet your dietary needs. Sarah explains, “We encourage guests watching their sodium intake to ask for ‘no pickle’ or ‘no seasoning’ on their burger and fries. These small customizations can make a big impact.” If you’re still looking for guidance on choosing different options, check out our Mindful Choices menu.

Avoiding Allergens

If you or someone in your family has food allergies and are wondering how to enjoy Culver’s menu, Sarah says communication with the restaurant is key. “We have standard operating procedures for preparing meals for our guests with food allergies, but informing the cashier or restaurant manager that a member of your party has a food allergy is the first and most important step.” Sarah also recommends looking at our Nutrition & Allergen Brochure or the online Allergen Grid, which has a filter that allows you to search for menu items that do not contain certain allergens.

Still have a question about navigating Culver’s menu? Contact us Opens in New Window with your nutrition and allergen concerns.