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Lola’s “Amazingly Perfect” Review

Lola proudly holding up letter from Culver's.

When Lola’s third grade class was assigned its first essay assignment, she knew exactly what she wanted to write about: Culver’s. In her opinion, it’s the best restaurant ever and here’s why:

“The first reason is that every spoonful of Custard is like little pieces of chocolate. The second reason is that when I was going there to eat I got a ButterBurger and it was FANTASTIC. My third reason is that it is amazingly perfect.”

After the class completed the essays, their teacher mailed the essays to local business owners with a letter explaining that the students were asked to review their favorite place to eat.

When the letter arrived at the Culver’s of Westland, Jamie Bell, the owner, was immediately moved by the sweet review and knew he had to send a letter back to Lola and share her essay with his team members.

After creating an inspirational poster from Lola’s letter, Jamie invited her and her family to his restaurant for a meal and the chance to see how much the team appreciated her kind words.

The team members even adopted a new saying, “You’re not just cooking a meal, you’re creating super-fans. Make it great for Lola’s sake!”

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