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Pajama Lunch Brings Family Joy

Emma smiling and sitting in Culver's booth holding long French fry.

Visiting your favorite restaurant isn’t just about enjoying delicious food but getting the chance to spend time with those who mean the most. When JaCinda and Emma visited Culver’s in their PJ’s one Sunday, it was the start of something truly special.

My daughter Emma (age 9) has Autism, ADHD and ODD, so you can understand that dining at a restaurant is very challenging with her, due to behavior and sensory issues. I decided one day that we would visit the Culver's that had opened within the past year to eat a leisurely Sunday lunch while wearing our pajamas. I figured the novelty of going in pajamas and to a new place at a slower time of the day would work wonders for Emma, and it did. She had a blast, loved her food and behaved very well.

The best part of the visit was when our food arrived at the table, and Emma picked up this GIANT french fry (at least 10 inches long) and proclaimed to all in the dining room that she had received “BIG DADDY” as she immediately named this colossal fry. It's difficult to get a picture of Emma happy in public, but this one is one of my favorites.

We've gone on to have many successful Sunday pajama lunches, sometimes with friends invited, at our Mesa, AZ, Culver's. Great food and family fun, always. Thanks, Culver's! – JaCinda C.M.

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