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Culver’s Cravings

A Seasonal Favorite:

Northwoods Walleye
Walleye sandwich

While we have many seasonal menu items that come and go, our Northwoods Walleye is a special limited-time favorite.

Inspired by the type of homemade meal you’d enjoy at a family gathering or Midwest supper club, our Walleye is served during the Lenten season as a tasty option for those guests who are looking for a “Fish Friday” meal. But don't worry, you can enjoy this limited-time option any day of the week as it is served at Culver's restaurants across the U.S., excluding our Utah locations.

Our Northwoods Walleye is sustainably caught in the cold, clean Canadian waters of Lake Winnipeg.

Known for it’s light, flavorful taste, our Walleye is hand battered and cooked to order. Whether you order it as a plated dinner or fish sandwich, it's something you’ll definitely want to try.

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