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Culver’s Cravings

Bacon and Shakes: Pure Poetry

Bacon and Shakes: Pure Poetry

Shakes and Bacon. Bacon and Shakes. When enjoyed together, the poetry it makes.

Do your best Bacon Shakespeare

To celebrate the signature combination of Chocolate Shakes and Culver’s Bacon Deluxe, our guests became Bacon Shakespeares and crafted tasty poems. Check out just a few of our favorites!

Anna M. doesn't need to ask for directions.

Bacon Shakespeare Poem by Anna M.

Becky D. lays down a sweet and salty beat.

Bacon Shakespeare Poem by Becky D.

John H. pens a touching tribute.

Bacon Shakespeare Poem by John H.

So simple, yet so true. Wise words from Nathan L.

Bacon Shakespeare Poem by Nathan L.

Vic G. tells it like it is.

Bacon Shakespeare Poem by Vic G.

What makes Shakes and Bacon worth such a tribute? Hear it from Craig!

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