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Culver’s Cravings

Culver’s Guests Prove It’s Never Too Cold For Fresh Frozen Custard

Guest gloved hand holding a Concrete Mixer

We know those temperatures are dropping fast but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your favorite Culver’s frozen treats! Check out how our guests dig into Fresh Frozen Custard in the winter time.

You can’t be cold when you’re warmed by the feeling of sharing with your loved ones… Right?

Guest image of two Elf on the Shelf dolls enjoying a pint of Fresh Frozen Custard together out of straws

Take these guests on our patio for example; nothing stopped them from enjoying their Fresh Frozen Custard.

Still cold? Grab your mittens, bundle up, and hold your Fresh Frozen Custard with caution.

Or grab life by the Concrete Mixer and brave that snowstorm.

While you sit and dream of warmer days …

But, for the days when it’s just too cold to get out of the car, we’ve got you covered.

Because when you stop for your favorite treat, you should feel right at home.

Where our guests know it’s never too cold for Fresh Frozen Custard!

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