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The Colby Jack Pub Burger Returns

Deliciously Wisconsin: The Colby Jack Pub Burger Returns

Our limited-time Pub Burgers are inspired by local midwestern taverns, known for their unique ingredient combinations and bold flavors. When we began considering our first Pub Burger, we wanted to feature cheese that also paid tribute to our Wisconsin roots.

Created in Arena, Wisconsin, right down the road from our hometown of Sauk City, Colby Jack cheese is as Wisconsin as can be. The cheese was first made when one cheesemaker tried mixing two vats of cheese curds, one Colby and one Monterey Jack, and then blended them together. The result? A cheese with just the right amount of melt and a mild flavor that perfectly complements the bold flavors around it.

The love, craving and calls for the Colby Jack Pub Burger’s return has been strong since it debuted for a limited time in 2014 and returned for another limited run in 2016.

Like all our ButterBurgers, the Colby Jack Pub Burger starts with fresh, never frozen beef. Its crispy onion strings deliver a satisfying crunch, while its 4-pepper mayo with a hint of A1® Sauce give every bite a full flavor. It all gets topped off with our lightly buttered, toasted everything bun, flecked with seeds and seasonings.

While it’s only around again for a limited time, the Colby Jack Pub Burger is a guest favorite folks can’t wait to enjoy whenever it returns.

From the burger to the bun, it’s one delicious layer of flavor after another.