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SnackPak: A Delicious Meal for a Great Price

SnackPak: A Delicious Meal for a Great Price

Going out to eat doesn’t mean you need to break the bank in order to enjoy a wholesome and delicious meal. Cooked-to-order and made with farm fresh ingredients, a SnackPak is everything you love about Culver’s for around $5.

Chicken Tender SnackPak

Every SnackPak lets you choose one of nine entrées featuring a single ButterBurger® or 2-Piece Tenders, plus a small order of Crinkle Cut Fries and a small drink. And if you’re in the mood for dessert, indulge in your favorite rich and creamy Fresh Frozen Frozen Custard treat with some of the money you saved.

ButterBurger Cheese SnackPak

It all adds up to a delicious meal of your Culver’s favorites for a modest price.