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Why Is It Called a Chicken Tender?

Why Is It Called a Chicken Tender?

While many fried chicken menu options may seem the same, they couldn’t be more different when compared to Chicken Tenders.

Chicken fingers, chicken strips and chicken nuggets can be made up of a mix of different chicken parts before being formed and breaded. This hodgepodge adds up to less actual chicken meat in your meal with lower quality cuts of meat being used. That’s less flavor for you and your family to enjoy.

At Culver’s, we’re proud to serve Chicken Tenders. We call them “tenders” because they only come from the most tender part of the breast. Lean all-white meat, they’re plump, juicy and full of flavor. It’s a delicious meal you can feel good about sharing with your family.

Watch the delicious story on where our Chicken Tenders come from.