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Thank You Farmers Project

A Pledge to Give Back

Culver’s Supports #FarmON Benefit Concert for 4-H
America’s Farmers #FarmON Benefit Concert, FOURWARD Fund

Due to the pandemic, many young agriculture leaders will not get to participate in their county or state fairs this year. These changes limit young people’s access to 4-H, the nation’s largest youth development organization dedicated to empowering kids to better their own lives and their communities, and the meaningful resources and relationships they need to thrive during this challenging time.

We are committed to giving back to the agricultural community through the Thank You Farmers Project as well as our local communities. To support these 4-H members, share their stories and raise funds in support of National 4-H Council’s FOURWARD Fund, Culver’s is sponsoring the #FarmON Benefit Concert™ on August 27, 2020, from 7-8 pm CT.

The #FarmON Benefit Concert will be live on the National 4-H's Facebook page and will feature appearances from country music artists including Lee Brice, Justin Moore, Peterson Farm Brothers, Trea Landon, Caroline Jones, High Valley, Clovers & Co. and Jeff Carson.

Cultivating Local 4-H Relationships

Since 2013, Culver's and our guests have teamed up to support agricultural education programs. Through our Thank You Farmers Project, restaurants around the country partner with local agriculture organizations like the FFA and 4-H.

Maria Jones is one of the many Culver’s owner-operators with a strong connection to 4-H. In fact, all three of Maria’s children (son Tyler pictured above) are alumni of 4-H, and her restaurants work closely with Illinois 4-H in Franklin County.

“Each year the Culver’s of Marion supports the Thompsonville Patriots 4-H program by donating Frozen Custard,” said Maria. “My children loved their 4-H experience and it’s truly our pleasure to continue to be active supporters of our local 4-H.”

Helping Youth Move FOURWARD

Donations from the concert will benefit National 4-H Council’s FOURWARD Fund. The FOURWARD Fund is committed to ensuring all young people have access to the necessary resources, social-emotional support and a sense of belonging and meaningful learning opportunities as the pandemic continues.

Help Culver’s meet the greatest needs of these youth by creating and delivering hands-on learning opportunities and support. Click here to donate to the FOURWARD Fund.