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Thank You Farmers Project

Culver’s Joins Illinois Harvest Dinner for a Night of Food and Learning

A wide view shot of a large group of tables of people sitting on a lawn surrounded by cornfields and warm lights strung up over their heads

At Culver’s, we want all of our guests to understand where their food comes from. Culver’s of Dixon, Illinois helped to further this mission by participating in a very special event, the Illinois Harvest Dinner.

The annual dinner invites nearly 100 people from different industries, like doctors, academics, legislators, restaurant owners and farmers, to sit down to a meal together and discuss the importance of agriculture. Family farmer and agriculture educator Katie Pratt helped to organize the third-annual event on her family’s farm in northern Illinois. “The dinner came from a greater social commentary about food and farms, and farmers need to be a part of that conversation,” said Pratt.

“There is so much to learn about farming.” – Kayla Halfacre

Katie invited Culver’s of Dixon to serve a Sundae bar at the event and join in the conversation about food and farming. Franchisee Kayla Halfacre said she learned a lot about agriculture at the event. “It’s more than just planting a seed and growing a crop,” said Kayla. “I was astounded by the technology behind farming these days.”

“It was eye-opening learning about all the different types of farming.” – Kayla Halfacre

Kayla found the event to be eye-opening, and it showed her why educating Culver’s guests about agriculture is necessary. “Farming is so important to almost every industry I can think of, not just the food industry,” explained Kayla. “Farming is truly what makes our world go around.”

To learn more about how Culver’s supports agricultural education, visit our Thank You Farmers Project™ page.