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Culver’s of Princeton Brings FFA Fundraiser to Local High School

Culver’s of Princeton Brings FFA Fundraiser to Local High School

Each year, Culver’s restaurants participate in Scoops of Thanks Day to raise money for their local FFA chapters and other agricultural organizations. Culver’s of Princeton, Illinois went the extra mile during its 2017 fundraiser and brought Scoops of Thanks Day to its local FFA chapter.

Franchisee Michele Davis wanted the Bureau Valley High School FFA chapter to feel involved in Scoops of Thanks Day. Michele had an idea: “I asked if we could bring Frozen Custard to them, since it would be hard to bring the entire school to us!”

Culver’s of Princeton dished up 300 scoops of Fresh Frozen Custard and delivered them to the high school. The FFA chapter sold the scoops of Fresh Frozen Custard to the other students for $1. Together the students and restaurant raised $481 for the FFA chapter.

“I’m proud to be a local FFA sponsor. I appreciate all that they do.”

Having grown up on a farm in an agricultural community, Michele understands the importance of supporting FFA. Scoops of Thanks Day allowed her restaurant and the local community to celebrate all the great things FFA stands for. “FFA isn’t just about learning to farm,” explained Michele. “It’s about teaching our youth to become good people and contribute to our communities and our country in a positive way.”

Would you like to support FFA like Michele and Culver’s of Princeton? Learn more about the Thank You Farmers Project or donate to support the future generation of agricultural leaders.