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For Franchisee, FFA is a Lifetime Investment

For Franchisee, FFA is a Lifetime Investment

For some Culver’s owners, the FFA isn’t just a good organization to support, it’s a part of who they are.

Just ask Conroy Soik, who joined the FFA when he was 13 years old. Little did he know, the professional development opportunities through the organization would prepare him for his future.

Now a franchisee overseeing six Culver’s that include Marshfield, De Pere, Suamico and the three Green Bay restaurants on W. Mason Street, Hansen Road and Voyager Drive, Soik credits the FFA for “giving a shy kid the ability to speak.”

But the transformation didn’t happen overnight—it was more like 11 years, to be exact. Conroy was a student member of the FFA from junior high school through college. During that time he led one of the largest and most successful high school chapters in Stevens Point, WI; entered speaking, engineering and business contests; and completed a study abroad program in Europe. He even gave a speech to his FFA peers at the National FFA Convention.

Today, Conroy continues his involvement with the organization as a lifetime alumni member. And through the Thank You Farmers Project, his restaurants have supported FFA chapters in the surrounding communities since 2013.

He even shared his passion for agriculture on behalf of Culver’s at a state FFA alumni meeting. After he started talking, he pulled out his old blue FFA jacket. And although he didn’t put it on—mostly because he said it wouldn’t fit anymore—he wanted the audience to know that the FFA is part of who he is.

For Conroy, the connections made through the Thank You Farmers Project are what make it so great. Whether you’re a longtime supporter of the FFA like Soik or a guest curious to learn more about where a meal comes from, the program creates meaningful ways to recognize and celebrate the hardworking folks who grow our food.

You can show your appreciation for our nation’s farmers by making a donation to the FFA Foundation or by learning a bit more about how Culver’s and its guests are thanking farmers.