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Thank You Farmers Project

Guests Plant Seeds of Gratitude

In Corn field maze on a bright sunny day. Text: Seeds of Gratitude

There are a lot of reasons to be thankful for all that farmers do. One of the many reasons we’re immensely grateful is because they work hard to supply the wholesome, delicious food served in our restaurants.

To make it possible for others to join us and share why they’re thankful for farmers, we created a two-week web promotion that invited guests to virtually plant their “Seeds of Gratitude” for farm families across the country.

While the promotion is now over, our appreciation for America’s farmers never ends. Here is just a handful of the more than 100,000 seeds that were planted.

Over 100,000 seeds of grattitude planted.

“Farmers and their families dedicate their lives to feeding our families. They provide us with an invaluable service and product and for this I will be forever grateful.” – K.L., Michigan

"Farmers are the heart and soul of our country. They work from sun-up to sundown to produce food and other products. My in-laws were farmers. My son is a farmer. They have the strongest work ethic.” – C.M., Illinois 

"Farmers have a strong work ethic."

“My great-grandparents and grandparents ran Holstein farms and I will never forget their hard work and commitment!” – R.M., Wyoming

“Having been born on a farm, I know firsthand the hard work and dedication it takes to be a farmer. I want to sincerely thank all farmers and encourage them to continue to feed America and the world.” – R.P., Minnesota

"It takes hard work and dedication to be a farmer."

“Because I was raised on a farm, I'm thankful for all the hard work my grandparents did. You showed me love of the land. From food from the earth to the milk we drank. Thanks Gram and Gramp.” – C.L., Michigan

“Farmers work super hard, at all sorts of crazy hours, in all kinds of weather, allowing us all to put food on the table for our families. Farmers rock!” – C.P., Kentucky

"Farmers show love for the land."

“I used to be a farm laborer when I was young. All that wonderful food on the plants, vines, trees, etc. is just delicious. It takes hard work and dedication, and not to mention the love of it all.” – J.M., Arizona

“Having been raised by a farmer on a farm, I am thankful for the values that you learn growing up on a farm that guide you your entire life.” – S.F., Florida

"Farmers have strong values."

Learn more about how the Thank You Farmers program helps guests share gratitude with farmers. You can also make a donation to support agricultural education.