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Thank You Farmers Project

Join Our Guests in Thanking Farmers

Join Our Guests in Thanking Farmers

What is a farmer? To us, farmers are the hardest working folks in America, but that’s not all. They’re determined, innovative and thoughtful. Take a look at some of the other traits our guests see in our nation’s farmers.

“Thank you for your passion, stewardship, sweat, physical labor, planning, dedication, etc., to making this your life’s work.”
– Tammy S., Minnesota.

“Hardworking men and women of the USA, thank you for rising early and going to bed late to take care of farm animals and their needs, for taking care of crops that I just naturally ‘find’ in the grocery store and for instilling a work ethic that is sorely needed amongst all Americans.”
– Barbara H., Wisconsin.

“Farmers exemplify patience in all that they do. Nothing grows quickly or gets harvested overnight. You have my deepest respect and gratitude.”
– Diane M., Iowa

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