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Julie Fussner Joins Board of Directors for USFRA

Julie Fussner Joins Board of Directors for USFRA

Farmers and ranchers are facing a challenging future, as the world’s population is expected to exceed 9 billion by 2050. That means we’ll need to grow almost 70% more food to feed everyone.

Culver’s takes this challenge to heart, which is why Julie Fussner, our vice president of marketing, has joined the board of directors at the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers in Action (USFRA). Culver’s has proudly supported USFRA for four years.

“I’m so excited to join USFRA’s board at a time when there’s such important work to be done,” said Julie. “Culver’s relies on farmers and ranchers to provide the food we serve, and we want to work alongside them to ensure agriculture is seen as a climate solution as we work toward a more sustainable future.”

USFRA represents 1.6 million farmers and ranchers as well as agricultural partners who share a common goal of furthering our global sustainable food systems. Members of USFRA’s board of directors have backgrounds in food, agriculture, science and technology. They work together to create solutions that will result in environmental, social and economic sustainability.

By 2050, we’ll need to produce nearly 70% more food to feed our growing population.

Julie joins the USFRA board as the organization is beginning its Decade of Ag initiative. The initiative envisions a resilient, restorative, economically viable and climate-smart agricultural system that produces abundant, nutritious food, materials for clothing and clean energy for a sustainable, vibrant and prosperous America.

Through Decade of Ag, USFRA aims to facilitate unprecedented leadership and collaboration to achieve the following goals over the next ten years:  
  • Restore our environment through agriculture to regenerate natural resources
  • Revitalize our collective appreciation for agriculture
  • Invest in the next generation of agricultural systems
  • Strengthen U.S. socio-economic fabric via agriculture

Besides working with USFRA, Culver’s also shows appreciation for farmers and helps future generations of agricultural leaders succeed through our Thank You Farmers® Project. To date, the Thank You Farmers Project has raised more than $3 million to support farmers and agricultural education programs. To learn more about the initiative, visit our Thank You Farmers Project page.