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Thank You Farmers Project

Peterson Farm Bros. Join In Saying Thank You Farmers

Peterson Farm Bros pose on a road between two cornfields

To recognize all that American farmers do for us, we turned to real-life farmers, the Peterson Farm Bros., for help. Whether tending to livestock or out in the fields, the down-to-earth siblings put in a hard day’s work on their family’s farm. On the Web, the musically talented trio educate and entertain with agriculture, drawing more than 35 million views to their farm-focused parody videos.

With a history of singing (quite literally) the praises of farmers, the brothers joined us in saying thanks with “Takin’ Care of Livestock,” a ‘70s-style anthem that honors farmers who raise and care for our nation’s farm animals. Featuring fan-submitted photos from actual farm families, it’s a tribute we’re proud to share.

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