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Thank You Farmers Project

To Know a Farmer Is to Love One

To Know a Farmer Is to Love One

Few people understand the hard work and dedication that go into farming more than the parents, siblings and friends of farmers. Take a look at some of the notes of gratitude our guests shared with the people closest to them.

“Thank you Dad for choosing to be a farmer. You instilled the value and worth of hard work and passed the love of the farm to all of your children and grandchildren. You would be proud to see them following in your steps.” – Mary C., Wisconsin

“I am married to a farmer and I can tell you firsthand that no one works harder than a farmer does. I thank my husband and all farmers everywhere!” – Doris P., Iowa

“I am so grateful for my dad and grandpa, who today are still farming, and all farmers working tirelessly to provide for us.” – Krista W., Wisconsin.

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