4 Steps to Crafting Fresh Frozen Custard

This dessert is different. See why every scoop is worth savoring.

1. Start With Farm Fresh Dairy

Because fresh ingredients taste better. Period.

We believe the best dairy in the world comes fresh from a farm, so that’s where we get the dairy for our frozen custard.

Then Dessert Specialists take these small batches of fresh dairy and craft delicious Fresh Frozen Custard from dairy to dish. It takes some detailed preparation and a lot of love.

They start by adding vanilla extract to enhance the dairy’s naturally creamy flavor. Then, they start the custard maker and carefully watch as a smooth ribbon of frozen custard takes shape.

Why put so much care into their craft? Because every scoop of frozen custard is a chance to brighten and delight-en someone’s day.

4. Serve with a Smile

Because custard is a cause for celebration.

Every dish of Fresh Frozen Custard is scooped to order and served with a smile, because frozen custard is a cause for celebration.

Why celebrate? Because Fresh Frozen Custard is more than just your typical dessert. It’s fresh. Creamy. Made from real dairy. It’s an occasion that feels as good as it tastes.

At the end of the day, what sets Culver’s Fresh Frozen Custard apart is that it’s made within minutes, or maybe just a few moments, of when you order.

And once you taste it, you’ll understand why there’s simply no comparison.