Culver’s Superfans

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Get to Know Culver’s Superfans

Culver’s superfans are among the best fans on Earth. Weekly rituals, amazing adventures, artistic achievements—these special folks show their dedication to all things delicious in so many wonderful ways.

See their stories, share their journeys, and find out how the crew at Culver’s gives them “super” love right back.

The Most Delicious
Road Trippers

Ever think how fun it’d be to go to every Culver’s restaurant across the entire United States? Join Bill and Jane as they cross #247 off their list.

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Download a Restaurant Location Checklist

“There’s always room for custard.”

– Bill

The Very
Cheesy Competitors

For most of us, a table tent is one step in the quest for a ButterBurger®. But for Ryan, Nick, Dustin, Robert and Sean, 100 table tents became the quest. See how far they’ve come.

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Play the Table Tent “Curdboard” Game

“There’s no ‘I’ in Curd.”

– Dustin, Team Table Tent

The Littlest Biggest Fan

You don’t have to have a lot of years to have a lot of love. Hear all about what it’s like to have giant love for Wisconsin Cheese Curds from one of Culver’s youngest superfans.

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Create Your Own Curd Nerd™ Glasses

“I’m doing the Cheese Curd dance…I’m doing the Cheese Curd dance…”

– Liam

The True Blue Mama

You know you’re a superfan when you can relate the size of your growing baby to the size of Culver’s menu items. Check out Clara’s brainchild—and meet baby Krew.

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Get Your Culver’s-Themed Baby Growth Chart

“Want to find out what the magical blue spoon is for?”

– Clara

The Queen of Cheese Curds

Love Culver’s Cheese Curds? Think you could possibly love them more than the Curd Queen herself? Meet Tara and hear just how far she’s gone for curds.

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Make a Wisconsin Cheese Curds Costume

“I think at this point we can just say ‘totally obsessed.’”

– Tara

The Sear-ious Author

Her dedication to Culver’s is serious business for young author Hanalei. Tune in for her book reading, as well as some insight into her deliciously creative inspiration.

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Write Your Own Culver’s Story

“Do you like burgers? Then you will love Culver’s.”

– Hanalei

Are you or is someone you know a Culver’s superfan?

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