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Flavor Experiments: The Science Behind My Favorite Food Combinations

It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to food. I’m always interested in learning about the science behind different foods and flavor combinations, so I thought I would share a few of my favorite “discoveries.”

1. Cranberries and Bleu Cheese

In general, cheese and fruit go well together because the saltiness of the cheese cuts through the sweet, juicy flavor of the fruit, and bleu cheese is no exception. It doesn’t seem like they would go together, but bold bleu cheese is actually a nice complement to sweet cranberries, which are another Wisconsin delicacy!

2. French Fries and Milkshakes

I know it’s a much-debated topic, but I just can’t help myself from dipping my fries in my shake. The combination of salty and sweet is incredible. And it turns out, there’s actually some science behind it. Eating too much of something sweet, or similarly, too much of something salty, can cause our taste buds to get bored. But by combining sweet and salty, the flavors become more interesting and more craveable.

3. Chocolate and Coffee

Chocolate and coffee are two of the richest foods out there, so why not put them together? Plus, the bitterness of the coffee flavor balances out the sweetness of the chocolate. That’s why desserts with coffee in them are such a big hit, like classic Italian tiramisu or the Cappucino Cookie Crumble Flavor of the Day at Culver’s.

What are your favorite flavor combinations? Tell me on Instagram by tagging @curdisthecurd.