Family Burger Night

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Well, This Is Gonna Be Fun

There’s nothing better than ButterBurgers® and family time at the end of a long day. We put together these activities to add to the fun.

Best Guess

A game where you're given a word or phrase on your phone, hold it up to your head (no peeking!), then try to guess it from everyone else giving hints!

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Would You Rather?

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I-Spy Burgers

There’s always something to see in a Culver’s. Actually, there’s a whole list of things. How many can you spot?

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Grill Master Stacker

It’s your shift! A bunch of ButterBurgers need to be built — and fast. Can you get the job done?

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ButterBurger Bingo

“I-wanna play bingo. Does anybody have I-wanna play bingo?”

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Thanks That Was Fun

To be entirely honest, we’re already wondering – when’s the next Family Burger Night?