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American Road Trip: Highlights From My Summer Travels

This past summer, I was lucky enough to be able to cross several iconic American destinations off my bucket list. Here are a few highlights from my travels!

1. Maine

My first stop was Maine, the land of lobsters and lighthouses! I was blown away by all the history in the small coastal town of Bristol. We stopped by the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse – first commissioned by President John Quincy Adams in 1872. Fun fact: It’s also featured on the Maine quarter.

2. Wyoming

We’re blessed to have so many natural wonders right here in the United States, and I couldn’t wait to start exploring them. One of the first on my list was Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. Yellowstone, yellow curd. It just made sense. Check out those geysers!

3. California

Next up was California, where I fully embraced the beach bum life. The few moments I wasn’t on the beach, I was busy exploring the local resaurant scene in Santa Cruz. And the best part? People in California add avocado to everything!

4. Wisconsin

Then I headed back toward home, making a quick stop in the Northwoods for some good old-fashioned Wisconsin fun. The densely-wooded area in northern Wisconsin has a rich history of folklore, featuring characters like Paul Bunyan and the Hodag (a dinsosaur-like creature with horns and spikes along its back). These secluded woods also make it an ideal Bigfoot habitat–naturally!  

What should my next trip be? Send me your suggestions on Instagram or Twitter using @curdisthecurd.