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Dear Curdis: How Do You Decide Who Gets the Last Cheese Curd?

Welcome to my new series, Dear Curdis, where I answer all your pressing cheese curd questions. Feel free to @ me with your questions using @curdisthecurd and #DearCurdis, and you just might be featured!

See below for my first curd quandary … it’s a good one!

Dear Curdis,

Longtime curd lover here. I’ve got a question for you: When you’re out with a group of friends enjoying an order of curds, how do you decide who gets the honor of having the last cheese curd? Everyone is too polite to say they want it … but we all know they do! Any advice?


Polite (but not THAT polite) Pete

Dear Polite Pete,

That is a cheesy quandary, indeed! There’s no one right or wrong way to handle the last cheese curd, but with a little bit of that signature Pete politeness, you should be able to find a satisfying solution for all. Here are a few different ways you could handle it:

1. Ask the group if anyone would like to eat the last cheese curd.

2. Nominate someone you think is deserving of the last curd.

3. Go alphabetically by the second letter of your middle name.

4. Have a cheese curd rap battle.

And don’t forget, if the last cheese curd conversation gets heated, you can always order another round. 😊