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Every Curd Nerd Needs the Perfect Glasses

As a Curd Nerd, my glasses are a quintessential part of my identity. My glasses help people tell me apart from my many siblings (I have thousands). They are just one of the ways I show the world my inner nerdiness. Not all nerds wear glasses, but I think all nerds can appreciate my desire to try on different looks from time to time.

See below for pictures from when I tried out some new glasses recently. Which would you choose? Holler at @curdisthecurd on Instagram or Twitter.

1. Curdis: The Curd Who Lived

I felt like Harry Potter in these glasses! The wire-frame look is trendy right now, but I think I’ll leave these to the character who wore them best.

2. New Glasses, Who Dis?

I barely recognized myself in these thick-framed glasses. While I loved the bold statement, my blue glasses are just more flattering with my cheesy complexion.

3. Two-Tones for Two Cheddars

I was really hoping to find these two-toned frames in white and yellow, but they don’t come in Wisconsin Cheese Curd colors, apparently.

4. Curd, Where’s My Glasses?

I know contact lenses are convenient, but I just don’t feel like myself without my glasses. This was a fun experiment though!

This was a fun day, but I plan to stick with my regular glasses for now—they just suit me!