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Media Commercials

Mom Approved

“Mom Approved”

Craig Culver, his daughter and his grandson share why our Chicken Tenders are loved by families everywhere. Hint: It's got a lot to do with using only the most prized, tender pieces of all-white meat.

“Chicken Raised Right"

Better chicken starts on the farm. Watch as Craig Culver and his daughter Brittany tour a chicken farm and learn what makes Culver's chicken more tender and flavorful. 

“Small Batch Frozen Custard"

Did you know we make our Fresh Frozen Custard right in the restaurant throughout the day? Watch as we slow-churn a batch of this cool, creamy classic and see why it's such a guest favorite. 

“Behind Every ButterBurger®"

We believe every Culver’s guest deserves to enjoy delicious, honest food made just for them. That’s why there are no shortcuts at Culver’s, only cooked-to-order meals served with a smile.

Grower to Guest

“Grower to Guest”

Culver's got its start in rural Sauk City, Wisconsin. It's a town surrounded by family farms, farms that have instilled a great respect for those who grow and produce our food. It's why we cook every ButterBurger using the finest cuts of Midwest beef and use only farm-fresh dairy in our Fresh Frozen Custard. Stop into Culver's and see the difference quality ingredients can make.

Big-Hearted Surprise

“Big-Hearted Surprise”

As a tireless champion for his community, Michael Johnson, a man with a big heart for children, has gone above and beyond in helping young people succeed. We dropped by Madison, Wisconsin, to surprise him with his very own celebration—and brought plenty of Reese’s® Concrete Mixers® along for the ride.

A Hero’s Welcome

“A Hero’s Welcome”

Nick Seefeld, a decorated veteran, not only serves his community as a police sergeant and volunteer firefighter, but also makes it his duty to honor fellow service members in his small town and beyond. We made the trip to Aledo, Illinois, and set up a surprise celebration in his honor, with plenty of Concrete Mixers® made with OREO® to go around.

Unbridled Thanks

“Unbridled Thanks”

Combining a lifelong love of horses with a need to help others, Donna Wiebelhaus founded a therapeutic riding center where families of special-needs children enjoy access to equine-assisted therapy free of charge. We headed on down to Liberty, Texas, to surprise her, and brought along Concrete Mixers® made with OREO® to share.

Wild-Caught North Atlantic Cod

“Wild-Caught North Atlantic Cod”

Wild-caught just for you from the icy cold water of the Barents Sea, Culver’s North Atlantic Cod is hand-battered the old fashioned way and cooked to crispy golden perfection.

Para las familias

“Para las familias” 

Born in Guadalajara, Margo Valenzuela worked her way up from an assistant manager to owner-operator of her own Culver’s. A believer in genuine hometown hospitality, Margo treats everyone who visits like family. (English subtitles available.) 

Surprise & Delight

“Surprise & Delight” 

Watch as we hit the streets of Nashville to surprise people with our smooth and creamy Fresh Frozen Custard. Made from the finest dairy in small batches throughout the day, Culver’s Fresh Frozen Custard is irresistibly delicious. 

Butcher-Quality Beef

“Butcher-Quality Beef”

Butcher-quality beef seared to perfection, Culver's ButterBurgers are made with three cuts of fresh 100% Midwest beef, nothing more, nothing less. There’s no better-tasting burger. Take it from Craig Culver and his local butcher Fritz.

Family Farm Fresh

“Family Farm Fresh”

Culver’s Fresh Frozen Custard is made in small batches, throughout the day right in our restaurants, using real Wisconsin dairy produced by local family farms. If you’ve never tried our Fresh Frozen Custard, we’ll bet the farm you’ll love it.

Our Signature Combination

“Our Signature Combination”

Hardwood-smoked, center-cut bacon meets chocolaty thick Fresh Frozen Custard, here’s why Culver’s Bacon Deluxe and a Chocolate Shake are a match made in heaven.

Creamiest Combination

“Creamiest Combination”

Here's why our Concrete Mixers® are the creamiest way to eat a Reese's®. Culver's Fresh Frozen Custard and Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, now there's a real treat.

Naturally Tender

“Naturally Tender”

Plump, juicy and 100% natural, our Chicken Tenders come from chickens certified humanely raised on a high quality diet of soy and grain without antibiotics.

Flavor of the Day

“Flavor of the Day”

Made in small batches right in the restaurant using real Wisconsin dairy and the choicest ingredients, Culver’s Flavor of the Day is always worth the trip.

100% Midwest Raised

“100% Midwest Raised”

100% Midwest-raised beef seared after your order and served on a lightly buttered toasted bun—that’s all there is to it! Taste the care and quality that goes into every Culver’s ButterBurger.

Real Wisconsin Cheese

“Real Wisconsin Cheese”

Feast your eyes on Culver’s Three Cheese ButterBurger (one of Culver’s Daily Feature menu items), prepared to order using fresh, never-frozen, Midwest beef topped with real Wisconsin cheddar, Swiss and American. It’s a fitting tribute to Wisconsin’s proud cheese-making tradition.

True Blue Value

“True Blue Value”

From insisting on only the finest, freshest local ingredients to treating every guest to service with a smile, it all adds up to a little something we call: “True Blue Value.” See for yourself why we do things the way we do at Culver’s.