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Culver’s Owner-Operators Hold The Key To Their Own Success

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Culver’s owner-operators have one thing in common, and that’s a commitment to our founding principles of hospitality, quality, freshness and service to the community. Our owner-operators are critical to Culver’s success because they’re engaged in their business every day, working side-by-side with their team, leading by example.

Over the years, these shared values have led to thriving relationships between Culver's and our owner-operators. In fact, in recent surveys by the Franchisee Business Review, Culver's is rated at the top or near the top in franchisee satisfaction by more than 4,300 franchisees in the United States and Canada.

We’re looking for leaders with the initiative and skills to take a team of people and operate a Culver’s according to our high standards. You need energy and enthusiasm. You have to be willing to work hard. You have to love people and believe, as we do, that having a great heart is also good business.

In 1984, Craig Culver and his family opened the first Culver’s restaurant in Sauk City, Wisconsin, serving their signature ButterBurgers® and Fresh Frozen Custard to friends and neighbors with genuine, from-the-heart hospitality. Their sole financial goal was to support their growing family.

Since then, along with our owner-operators who share the same uncompromising standards we’ve held from day one, Culver’s has grown to over 700 restaurants in 25 states.

Culver’s is leading the way in the industry and in our communities. If you are craving a restaurant business made to order for you, where your financial success is directly related to how well you and your team execute against Culver’s mission that every guest who chooses Culver’s leaves happy, we invite you to consider becoming a Culver’s franchisee.

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Opportunity is knock-knock-knocking

Take it from these independent owner-operators

When the fit between Culver’s and owner-operator is right, it’s a recipe for success. No wonder Culver’s is rated No. 1 in franchisee satisfaction among franchisees.

With Culver’s, success comes in many forms. Building and controlling a financially rewarding family business. Community involvement. Providing employment opportunities to team members. How might owning and operating a Culver’s franchise help you achieve your goals? Some of our current owner-operators share their thoughts.

Beth Fritsche - Multi-Unit Operator

Beth Fritsche

Multi-Unit Operators

“At age 15, I worked for Culver’s of Beaver Dam, WI to save money for college.  I had no idea that someday I would own a Culver’s restaurant.

I continued to work for Culver’s through college, while honing my restaurant management and leadership skills.  You could say I grew up with Culver’s.

In 2014, I realized that my future would be with Culver’s.  To advance my career I attended an intense training program at ButterBurger University located at Culver’s headquarters in Prairie du Sac, WI.  The program prepared me for restaurant management and ownership.   

Growing up with Culver’s gave me opportunities to advance my career, and become a franchisee with my own restaurant. 

Carissa Rose - Multi-Unit Operator

Carissa Rose

Multi-Unit Operator

“I grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, just 20 miles from Sauk City, where Culver’s started. In 1999, my parents sold the family farm and we moved to Lincoln, NE, where we opened a Culver’s restaurant. I began to work in the restaurant when I was 14 years old.  

After college, I dabbled in sports marketing but soon realized my true career passion was Culver’s. Today, I’m the owner/operator of two Culver’s restaurants in Mesa, Arizona. Culver’s was a big part of my life growing up and I’m happy that it’s still part of my life today.”

Frank and Sarah Spanopoulos - Multi-Unit Operators

Frank and Sarah Spanopoulos

Multi-Unit Operators

“In 2001, my wife Sarah and I were dining at a Culver’s restaurant. At the time, I was in sales and Sarah was an engineer. We were happily working our way up the corporate ladder. But something was missing – the independence and challenges our parents enjoyed as business owners.

We decided to look into opening a Culver’s restaurant and work together as a team. After our research, we learned that Culver’s had a strong system and culture in place. It was the perfect fit for us.  We opened our first restaurant in 2003 and our second in 2014. This decision was the best one we could have made for us and our family.”

Glenda Woosley and Maggie Kauer - Multi-Unit Operators

Glenda Woosley and Maggie Kauer

Multi-Unit Operators

“In 1999, I started my adventure with Culver’s.  Since then I was given the opportunity to grow with Culver’s.  With support from franchisee, Glenda Woosley, I worked my way into management and from there worked even harder into ownership. 

Culver’s has given me, and many like me, the opportunity to become a franchisee through its Mentor Program. The program provided the training and tools I needed to open my own restaurant with the franchisee I was working for.  Through the Mentor Program we can continue to grow Culver’s and give dedicated team members the opportunity for personal and financial growth.

Jeremy Scheel and Family - Multi-Unit Operator

Jeremey Scheel

Multi-Unit Operator

“My Culver’s career started as a part time job during my college years.  I quickly discovered my passion for the hospitality industry and entrepreneurship.  Growing from a Team Member to eventually General Manager, I knew that I wanted to own a Culver’s restaurant.  I learned so many valuable qualities through the Culver’s Mentorship program that have guided me on this journey.

Now my wife and I own multiple locations in southeast Minnesota.  We couldn’t do this without the support and dedication of our amazing teams, Culver’s Franchising, and the mentorship program!  It is now our passion to help others discover their talents and strengths; and provide them with the opportunities to succeed in their careers. 

Jeremiah and April Bowe -Multi-Unit Operators

Jeremiah and April Bowe

Multi-Unit Operators

“Culver's has been a part of me for most of my life. With my parents and three siblings involved, it is truly a family business. As kids, we were given an opportunity to work at Culver’s. Our family is very fortunate to own multiple locations in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

To me, the most rewarding part of being a Culver's franchisee is the ability to grow team members into general managers and partners. Equally rewarding is the opportunity to work with my family. Now that I have my own family, my hope is to provide them with a Culver’s opportunity as well!”

Kari and Gary - Owner-Operators

Kari and Gary Strom


“We feel so blessed to be part of the Culver's family. Providing for our children and other loved ones is what brought us to this opportunity, but we have found the rewards to be so much more.

Operating a Culver's is not about us. It is about making a difference in the lives of our guests and team members, one at a time. We are so humbled to share in the joys, dreams, and life events of these wonderful people who have become our friends and extended family.  

Katie and Brian Schmitt, Kevin and Sally Powers - Multi-Unit Operators

Katie and Brian Schmitt, Kevin and Sally Powers

Multi-Unit Operators

“For us, Culver's is truly a family business. My brother Kevin and I, each with our own family, work in our restaurants, in addition to helping each other as co-owners. We appreciate the opportunity to partner in a business that allows us to operate on our own values, like quality, hospitality and service. We're happy to be a part of the exciting expansion into Michigan, and we feel fortunate to have a business model that offers us prospects for future growth.”

Kevin and Sandra Adams - Owner-Operators

Kevin and Sandra Adams


“I worked in restaurants since I was sixteen years old.  For many years, I looked for a franchise opportunity that was a good fit for my family and I.  That all changed when I walked into my first Culver’s in Peru, Illinois. I immediately knew that this was the family business that I had been searching for. I phoned my wife and we decided then and there to… go for it!   

In March, 2015, we opened the doors of Culver’s in Sierra Vista and have loved every minute of it. It was so rewarding to bring Culver’s to our hometown and experience wonderful support from the community.  We are planning to open our second Culver’s within the next year or two and can’t wait to bring the ‘Deliciousness’ to another community. Thank you Culver's!”

Paul and Lynn Clause - Multi-Unit Operators

Paul and Lynn Clause

Multi-Unit Operators

“We have been in the Culver’s system since 2003. When we decided to go into business for ourselves, we thoroughly researched a number of different concepts before choosing Culver’s. Having no previous restaurant experience, the help and support that Culver’s provided was invaluable.

The journey has not always been easy, but one that we wouldn’t trade for anything. We’ve had the opportunity to mentor and develop our team members, build respected businesses within the communities we serve, and secure our financial future by partnering with a great brand. In short, it’s the best decision we ever made.”

Tim TeGrootenhuis - Owner-Operator

Tim TeGrootenhuis


“In 2012, my wife, Sherri and I decided to follow our dream and bring Culver's to the city of Pella, IA.

We have been blessed since we opened. Pella accepted our restaurant with open arms. We in turn feel privileged to give back to our community.

We have partnered with our school systems with the Culver's "Kids of Character" program. The program acknowledges and rewards children for acting as "kids of character." The children come into our restaurant with their certificates with pride and joy on their face for being recognized. This program, along with others, helps me realize that we made the right decision to join the Culver's family.”