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Handcrafted Favorites and Hometown Hospitality

Our Communities Thank You, Team Members!
Our Communities 5 Culver’s Video Chat Backgrounds That’ll Add Flavor to Any Conference Call
Signature Stories Flavor of the Day: The Anatomy of Flavor
Signature Stories Farming: Do You Know Where Your Food Comes From? Opens in New Window
Signature Stories Life With Curdis: Curd Is the Word Opens in New Window
Signature Stories In the Kitchen: Behind Every ButterBurger®
Signature Stories Dairy Farming: A Labor of Love in Wisconsin Opens in New Window
Culver’s Superfans
Signature Stories Superfans: Dedication Doesn’t Get More Delicious Opens in New Window
Fresh Frozen Custard scoop serves up Flavor of the Day.
Signature Stories Frozen Custard: From Dairy to Dish Opens in New Window
Hamburger enthusiast reacts to a Culver’s ButterBurger.
Signature Stories Burger Love: What Makes a Perfect Burger?
Ooey-gooey Wisconsin Cheese Curd pull.
Signature Stories Cheese Curds: Meet the Master Cheesemakers Who Make Ours
Culver’s Cravings Which Lemon Ice Dessert Fits Your Personality?
Image of Kurtis Culver wearing a yellow Curd Nerd sweatshirt with black framed glasses, and holing a “Cheese the Day” yellow travel mug
Our Communities Kurtis Culver: Get to Know The Guest with a Familiar Name
Lemon Ice, Lemon Ice Cooler and Lemon Ice sitting on a table with fruit.
Culver’s Cravings Lemon Ice: The Taste of Summer