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Three Sisters Share True Blue Passion

Salena, Infinity and Sparkle posing in Culver's uniform at restaurant in front of Culver's Logo wall
Culver's of Cedar Rapids, IA

Sisters Salena, Infinity and Sparkle share more than a family bond. All three are current True Blue Crew team members at the Culver’s of Cedar Rapids, IA and together have worked at the restaurant for over two years.

Through working together, the sisters said they have a developed a close support system and have helped one another learn different skills and tasks.

Salena, the first of the three to work at the Cedar Rapids, IA, restaurant, said working at Culver’s has allowed her to develop good communication and social skills in a positive setting. Sparkle and Infinity said they feel the same, with Infinity noting the value of the close-knit team in the restaurant.

General manager Kendra Gehman has noticed this too and has seen tremendous benefits from the siblings working together.

“Each of the sisters has her own personality, but one thing they share in common is that they are all hardworking and motivated to make the team the best that it can be,” Kendra said. “We have seen all of them grow more confident in their abilities at work, but also their experiences and interactions in life as they each work toward their professional goals.”

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